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Readers’ reactions – Falmouth Fountain

Published:Sunday | November 22, 2020 | 8:00 AM

• Great decision, Mr Mayor! That fountain is not to be removed by man! It has too much history!

– Kevin Kalm Miller

• The fountain is a historical landmark. Sure Usain would not want to destroy this, which was there long before he was born or becoming a legend.

– Constance Nugent

• People, that statue ain’t going there for Jamaican people to admire or as a mark of respect to Bolt. It’s an attraction for cruise ship tourists. Might as well put it pon the pier.

– Roylton D’Cambre

• No issue there. Build a platform for Bolt. Both the fountain and the statues are iconic.

– Romell S. Leo Eubank

• No way, the fountain is to be kept where it is! It brings nature’s beauty to everyone!

– Stephanie Grey

• To be honest, I rather see a fountain. But I’m not really a Bolt fan so ...

– Zavii Sims

• Create a park at the entrance to the parish. Put the statue of the great one on a platform made of marble about 10 feet high on the platform. The history of the great one is written with all his accomplishments and solar light at nights changing in different colours and a video board highlighting all his famous achievements. Over to you, culture gender and sports

– Edwin Calloo

• Move di water fountain that’s not well maintained

– Mustafa Collins

• I’m sure Falmouth is big enough to put the statue at another location.

– Sheda Love

• The fountain is historic. Put the statue alongside it like Montego Bay.

– Irma-De Evans

• Put Usain statue in Sherwood where he is from, or over the Pier.

– Tanya N Téodóir

• Water Square is thus called because of its very rich and historic significance. Isn’t Falmouth the first town to have piped water? Why not put Bolt on main street where it would be much more publicly accessible?

– @Zemi66

• How much traffic/tourists is the fountain bringing into the town versus the statue? Think about that!

– @charles_granston

• Should not have even been a discussion. This is our history. We shouldn’t have to remove it to create new history. Trelawny can handle both. Find a new location.

– @a3tmommy

• Most aren’t aware of what the fountain represents. Falmouth was the first town in the Western World to have piped water.

– @knutfordblvd

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