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Readers’ reaction to spending in the elections

Published:Monday | November 23, 2020 | 12:08 AM

‘Big cash splash – Candidates shell out $500m for parliamentary polls, Rohan Chung tops spending’. Here are some of the responses via Gleaner’s social media:


“When you read the article you c that the $500m was a combination of what 132 persons spent overall. That really isn’t a lot; if you average it out it becomes $3 million something per person, which isn’t a great deal considering they wrap vehicles, nomination day preparation, shirts...” @clevankade

“Ja have become a transactional society… take the money out of politics and Jamaica can be a sane place again...” @ForeveryoungFi1


“So much money spent by politicians to stay in power but can’t help to feed hungry families or provide suitable work avenues for graduates.” @_footballunion

“And should I walk in their office asking for sponsorship to further my education, 50% chance they’ll give me a check of $10k and say that’s all they can give at this. Or they might very well say, ‘Sorry, but no sponsorship at this time.’” @tammy.fabulous

“You trying to tell mi this bredda yah had all that money to spend and nuh try put in a few community programme to help the people in his parish. An nuh the people you love, man, a the power. People, if you can make a change, just dooooo it nuh and stop run dung position. Who that $14 mil benefit now?” @nakia_wordamouth

“$500m could have gone on poor people table to get a proper meal, smh. This is showing all the people with their eyes close that no politician don’t mean nobody good but themselves. I see a change coming, because people in Jamaica actually or almost stop kill each other for political reasons.” @atal_spanglaz

“Tells you all you need to know about politics.” @naimadbbew

“A wha kinda work Chung a do? Man seh jobs and water! Me interested now.” @yaadman_etan

“Great investment!! Next term will be better, until then if you have any surplus, I will appreciate it.” @king1size

“Is it me alone who didn’t see or feel the effects of any of this??” @anto_bosslady

“And what the voters get? All that money and the people have nothing to show, unless you want to say that they were having a good time on the election campaign. Two beers, a belly full. Please, politicians, can you help to empower the people by educating the youngsters? Building better sporting infrastructure, help the technical school with trades and craft labs so at least when they leave grade 12 they have a skill….” @ccorose

“My God, look at these figures; then they say Jamaica doesn’t have any money.” @buildingthefamily.ja