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Letter of the Day | Let’s pledge to save our children from HIV

Published:Tuesday | December 1, 2020 | 12:07 AM


UNICEF has projected that in 2030, a mere 10 years from now, “1.9 million children and adolescents are projected to be living with HIV. In addition, 270,000 children and adolescents are projected to become newly infected with the virus, annually and 56,000 children and adolescents are projected to die from AIDS-related causes annually”.

These projections are staggering, and as an organisation of mothers dedicated to sharing God’s love with families around the world, and especially here in Jamaica, The Anglican Mothers’ Union is concerned about the continuing spread of the disease so many years since it first appeared. We applaud all efforts to stem the progression of this terrible scourge but recognise that much more needs to be done.

As we observe World AIDS Day, we implore parents and potential parents to make wise choices when planning families. The life of a child is far too precious in God’s sight to be a matter of chance, especially when one or more parent is afflicted with AIDS or HIV. Please do the right thing to stem the tide of the disease by conforming to planned- parenthood practices so that the unborn are not left to suffer for the neglect of the parents.

On this World AIDS Day, the Mothers Union in the Diocese of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands wishes to express sympathy to all who are suffering from HIV and AIDS and hope that they will take full advantage of the medical advances that have been made. At the same time, we hope that those afflicted will take full responsibility, not only for their own existence, but also for a generation yet unborn. We hope that by rising to these challenges, the projected figures issued by UNICEF will be significantly reduced by the time we get to 2030.

God bless our children!


Diocesan President

Mothers Union in the

Diocese of Jamaica and

The Cayman Islands