Sat | Jan 23, 2021

Talkback Thursday|Do not raid the trust, borrow the money

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2020 | 12:06 AM

FINANCE MINISTER Dr Nigel Clarke on Tuesday said the Government has plans to draw down $11.4 billion per year over five years from the National Housing Trust. It is to cushion the economic fallout from COVID-19. We asked our followers if they support this move.

“Yes! I have confidence in the minister of finance, and our critical situation warrants it.”

– @Chrisbrodber

“No, it’s a breach of trust, pun intended!”

– @HughAnthonyReid

“I want to hear more, but in principle, I would support this as long as none of it is for giveaways.”

– @jayjaybrown97

“Well, it is not as if we have an overabundance of fiscally prudent options.”

– @r1ckd33zy

“If profits were made from investments, such profits will be required to finance the housing stock of Jamaica. Why would any sensible person raid such an institution? Borrow the money at one per cent point below the lowest rate on the open market.”

– @owendeking

“Well. Better than a tax raise right now. ‘Cause wi nuh have it.”

– nylie_dec9

“Why NHT have so much money just sitting idly, waiting to be drawn?”

– beautifully_broken_tia