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Readers’ reactions Appointment of shadow cabinet by Mark Golding

Published:Friday | December 4, 2020 | 12:17 AM

Opposition Leader Mark Golding has named a 19-member shadow cabinet with 18 portfolios. Here are the top responses via social media:


If a shadow cabinet should reflect a government-in-waiting, then for me this is lacking, it’s the same pieces that have been there for years being pushed around and relabelled. That uproar about DPP leaving the new PNP president with a free hand seems to be uncalled for. – @pavmobi

Tan and see nuh spoil nuh dance – @ForeveryoungFi1


So where is Krystal? Asking for friend ­– @black_berry_original

Him kick out Fitz Jackson out of the cabinet as spokesperson on national security and put him brethren Peter Bunting who don’t have a seat in the lower house ... can legislative senators take a seat in the lower house and vote on policies then go and take a seat in the upper house? I’m confused must be or else Golding could not have made that move ... as them say, good friends is better than pocket money – juniornana8140

Damian Crawford own suit entertainment and culture he sure knows how to entertain us

– @queen4esther

I love the fact that he included the young senator there!

– @shawnousinthecity

So why Damion neva get public relations and communication cause fi him mouth legendary ... what a man can put him foot inna him mouth – @sasha.basha

Lisa’s appointment is fitting. Bunting as national security though? Superficial appointment that – @nushh_ka

Politics in Jamaica is just a friend and links thing ... a big s**t show. G. Anthony Hylton why him still inna Parliament when he is not doing anything for his constituency? This man is like a damn leap year, he only shows up once every four years. #getrideofhylton!

– @_andrew_3.0


Where is Natalie Neita-Headley who has served for 13 years?. He is crying for unity and yet he removed Senator Donna Scott-Motley from the leader of opposition business in the Senate and give him partner Bunting. The Most Hon Percival James Patterson states that losers shouldn’t be in the Senate

– @Jamaal Muirhead

But at least Lisa Hanna camp got ‘positions’ too, uno stop the bitterness and unite for a change now Lisa Hanna and crew else uno inna ‘opposition’ for 25 years... – @Tina Larmond

New people mark can do the trick, all who there for the longest time need to go include long time woman and man, them need to go or PNP won’t see a win for the next ten years – @Pablo Vera