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Readers’ reactions Kyle Butler allegations of abuse and assault by his father

Published:Saturday | December 5, 2020 | 8:31 AM

Sophia Smith Butler has defended her son Kyle after he accused his father, Craig Butler, of abuse and assault. However, attorney Christopher Townsend, who is representing Craig Butler, the founder and coach of Phoenix Academy, says his client will not engage in a war of words. Here are the top responses via social media:


I hope that peace means admission, apology, therapy and reconciliation. Anything less is manipulation. I hope they can truly work it out. Nobody can long to see a broken family.

– @dardgr8

Good. He should not engage in a ‘war of words’. He should report to the police, issue a public apology to his son and wife, and then be banished from society. He’s an arrogant man that society can do without.

– @andremartino325


If he has subjected his own child to years of abuse, he is not worthy to be leading any organisation or mentoring anymore. He should be charged .

– @elansupergirl

Well, clearly he never resolved his war with words before, it’s always been violence. Maybe he should try something different now, just a suggestion ... .

– @kween.bri

I am praying for them and hope all ends well. It’s a pity that they didn’t seek help privately instead of in the public domain, because he may lose lucrative business (which may cause him to become depressed and angry) due to this startling revelation. This is serious, and must be dealt with as such, to save his family and himself.

– @lemon.michelle

Abuse is a legal term and can damage a reputation for life. Regardless if you defend your name in court, it still is a scarlet letter. May God provide a way for reconciliation. There is always a way to solve problems. The media is not the place ... I am writing as a father who feels it.

– @drkingsleychin


The footballers in his camp always say how aggressive Craig Butler can be, and are always pressing Kyle and comparing him to his adopted son, Leon Bailey.

– @Karen Bogle

So often we are told to leave people business alone ... but those talks are for those who are getting the upper hand of things. We should all care for each other ... the less fortunate need a voice to speak for them. The bigger heads get away with their atrocities. I don’t have any reason or reasons to doubt the mother and son.

– @Lorna Green