Sat | Jan 23, 2021

Readers’ reactions – ‘COVID-19 black market - Gov’t inadequacy blamed for surge in underground virus testing sites’

Published:Monday | January 11, 2021 | 12:09 AM

Readers’ reactions to The Sunday Gleaner, January 10 lead story on unauthorised COVID-19 testing facilities. Sourced from The Gleaner’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

“I am always amazed how gullible some Jamaicans are. We refuse the free test at authorized government facilities but go to some unauthorized place to take the test.”

– @jayjaybrown97

“I think a proactive, well-thinking government would move to regulate the antigen testing. Ensure reliable kits are imported, all doctors or reliable labs are trained and able to administer tests in their offices, [and] ensure reporting of data and protocols to prevent transmission are observed.” – Dyoll Ellivro

“Say it’s a lie if you wish. Believe if you want to. I don’t know. But bway...why me a go use waah unauthorized facility? How about folllow protocol? And govament. If nutten go so, deal with it. Fast.”

– Oneil A Blake

“I was in MoBay on Wednesday and the testing was been done outside under a tent with hundreds of people in the small space.”

– Vincent B George Bryan

“This cannot be real”.

– @joanflom

“Oh, this is sad, these test should be free. How can you control this virus if people can’t get tested?”

– @gmonaelauren

“It’s done free at some health centres and hospitals, but good luck with getting back the results. Did my test 28 of December and up until now can’t get the results!”

– @keisha_higgins_

“I still don’t understand why we have to pay so much for a test. With this high price and Jamaica’s culture of ‘hustling’ this was bound to happen.”

– @risha_francis

“We have to pay for the tests? Sorry, but dat nah happen. Try no bada try charge wi fi vaccine, cuz dat nah happen either”.

– @_r3nee__

“Twenty-two grand? Good God! What did they expect in a time like this?”

– @samauza

“The majority of the country is unemployed, so how do you expect them to find that money in these times. These are the kind of burden this country always put upon us and then you wonder why the crime won’t stop. When you bring bills like this to poor people, you only encouraging them to rob an kill innocent persons for it.”

– @destinys_elegantdecor7

“If u are ill, u visit the health centre or call the hotline for the gov test. Persons who pay for testing are those who travel or who need testing to return to work. The regular person who may feel sick while here do not pay for testing, that falls under the GOJ.” – @tobinator_the_henrynator