Sat | Feb 27, 2021

The abortion hypocrisy: protect the unborn

Published:Friday | January 15, 2021 | 12:14 AM


The Letter of the Day published in The Gleaner on January 12, 2021, warns that we should ‘Stop demonisation of pro-choice movement’ and, instead, demonise the pro-life movement. The writer speaks of laws which disenfranchise vulnerable minority groups. I would hasten to ask the author to pause and find the irony and hypocrisy in those statements.

Who is most vulnerable, if not the preborn child? Which woman is most disenfranchised, if not the tiny woman growing within her mother’s womb? Dr Thomas, Reverend Bailey and others of the pro-life movement care about every life, every Jamaican, including those in the womb. We therefore champion laws which will protect them.

Worldwide, abortion is used as a form of eugenics, to eliminate undesirables from the population. This tactic to preserve the strong, the pure, the rich is commonly employed by fascist regimes to maintain control of the poorly educated, under-resourced masses. These policies can only be enforced by government officials with state-sanctioned use of force.

Despite the author’s assertions, our lawmakers’ personal, or “progressive”, beliefs do not always align with the population they were elected to serve. The public must make their desires known, and then government officials must execute the will of the people.

Legislation surrounding the deliberate ending of a human life in the womb should not be secretly decided among a few politicians. The Jamaican people must decide whether theirs will be a nation which marginalises the most vulnerable by promoting and legalising abortion or one that champions and legitimises their existence.


Love March Movement