Sun | Mar 7, 2021

Readers’ reactions – Billions in public funds exposed to fraud

Published:Monday | January 18, 2021 | 12:12 AM

Poor decisions at dozens of government departments have exposed more than $40 billion of taxpayers’ money to loss or misuse, an analysis of the last two auditor general annual reports has shown. Here are some reader’s reactions via The Gleaner’s social media:


“There was also a case of alleged fraud involving more than $600 million that was uncovered in 2018.” In most decent democracies where accountability & responsibility are tenets of good governance, resignations would be tendered post haste. But around here ‘Ah nuh nutten.’”

– @Zemi66


“Crime, corruption, extortion, abuse of power and authority; where is the accountability?”

– @Marlene Lawla

“It’s our fault. We don’t hold anybody accountable. The citizens of Jamaica are being robbed of proper healthcare, decent roads, etc, as we try to make ends meet after they have taken what they want from our hard earned salaries.”

– @Kam Kam

“Twenty agencies are under the spotlight, and no accountability; these agencies blatantly do what they want, might as well Jamaicans stop going to the polls, I’m shocked and appalled, the Holness administration hasn’t addressed this matter. White-collar crime goes unnoticed, and the justice system throws the book at the us, the third-class citizens of Jamaica.”

– @LeRoy Faulknor

“Isn’t this like a recurring thing? And we the poor little taxpayers have to pay out of every dollar that we earn.”

– @Grace Gordon


“Then what happens after these reports are filed? I feel we see this all the time and it ends right here. Is anyone reprimanded? Or life goes on? Seems like the latter.”

– @corpeccentric

Yet still, Government’s management is there forever. $40b could have done so much for Jamaica. Gross negligence.”

– @land_of_dale

“Who will be held accountable? But as a likkle man a ring two fone the wul JCF reach a we yard.”

– @45afterlyfe

“Mighty God! 40 billion is no joke. This finding only shows that the country is only getting poorer and poorer by the hour. Now, all a who love to jump up and down when election time comes with unuh ‘eat a food’ culture, you can go rob and kill the trying businessman around the corner now.”

– @mp_the_teddy_bear