Sun | Mar 7, 2021

We need a spiritual movement

Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2021 | 12:06 AM


I must give God thanks for sparing our lives to see this new year. A high spiritual movement is taking place, and God’s people are waking up. There is a battle for the souls of God’s people, and the enemies are working with all their might. Deception is deep, and, unfortunately, many have been deceived. Because it is not God’s will for anyone to be lost, there is still hope. This hope is available through reaching out to God in sincere prayer.

The enemy has been working to change laws and replace them with laws that are contrary to God’s word, and the enemy is trying to do this by establishing governments and rulers of countries that embrace his agenda; but as Daniel 11:32 says: “By deceit the king will win the support of those who have already abandoned their religion, but those who follow God, will fight back.”

Everyone needs to clearly understand that it is not every government that set up themselves is ordained by God. Hosea 8:4 reads: “My people choose kings, but they did it on their own. They appointed leaders without my approval. They took their silver and gold and made idols for their own destruction.” Micah 3:1-2 reads: “Listen, you rulers of Israel! You are supposed to be concerned about justice, yet you hate what is good and you love what is evil. You skin my people alive and tear the flesh off their bones.” Job 34:18-19 reads: “God condemns kings and rulers when they are worthless or wicked. He does not take the side of rulers nor favour the rich against the poor, for He created everyone.”

As God’s people, we must hold these governments responsible to uphold godly and righteous laws, for they are supposed to be servants of God (Rom.13:4). If they are servants of Satan, we must get rid of them. The laws that they make will affect all citizens, either positively or negatively. God’s people, we are the salt of this earth, and we are God’s servants to do His will. As Peter said, “We must obey God not man.” (Acts 5:29.) I pray that we be faithful to God forever. To God be all the glory forever and ever and ever. Amen.