Sat | Feb 27, 2021

A breach in more ways than one

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2021 | 12:10 AM


When data is stored on an unsecured online server, it is exposed to various threats; the most dangerous being that this data can be stolen. However, stolen data is not like a person who robs a shop of bread because if the storekeeper kept proper records, it would show that a loaf of bread was missing. Hackers can steal the data and nobody may know that it was stolen. Why? Because they just simply copied the data from the exposed servers.

That is why when the contractors responsible for COVIDJAM app say they have corrected the breach, they may not be telling the whole story. The thing is, they have, just now, properly secured the server but if the data is already in someone else’s hands, the problem still exists.

The Government has been at the wicket batting for National ID system ever since coming to office in 2016, and when the issue of a secure database came up, they stoutly defended the almost impossibility of people’s information being accessed. Now we have this data breach on the COVIDJAM App.

How can we trust a Government with our personal information that does not have a clue about what meaningful technology is about? Now, we have 70,000 persons who do not know if their information has fallen into the wrong hands.

I hope there is more indepth coverage about this matter in the media.