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Doctor's ADVICE:I took a terrible chance ...

Published:Saturday | October 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Q: Doc, I must be crazy or something, but last week I took a terrible chance with a girl. My only excuse is that she is the best-looking young lady in our town, with the face of an angel. So when she whispered to me that she was willing to have sex with me, I felt I just could not resist. And I did not use a condom.

Afterwards, I asked her if she was on the Pill. She told me no. So what are the chances that I have got her pregnant, Doc?

A: The chances are roughly one in 20. But a lot depends on where she was in her monthly cycle. If she was 'bang in the middle', which means round about 14 days after her menses started, then the odds are real bad. In that case, I suggest you start saving up for becoming a father.

But if this sex encounter took place near the beginning of her monthly cycle, or very near the end of it, then the odds are much more in your favour. You would probably 'get away with it'.

What interests me is why this young woman suddenly decided to let you have 'bareback' sex with her. Is she in love with you? Or was she maybe trying to 'pay somebody back', in other words, trying to hurt a previous boyfriend ?

If at all possible, I think you should talk to her about these matters. And ask her to tell you if her menses arrive or not!

Finally, if you get any symptoms of an STD in the next couple of weeks (like pain in passing urine, or a discharge from the penis), then please see a doctor - fast.

Q: Hi, Doc. Because of the fact that he has seen too many 'porn movies', my boyfriend has started insisting that whenever we are finishing having sex, he must climax over my belly. This is really not too far from my vagina, is it? So I am wondering if any of his fluid could get inside me and make me pregnant?

A: As I have said in this column before now, it is a pity that these crazy 'blue movies' are encouraging young men to go in for that practice of climaxing on to the girl's belly.

You are right to be a little concerned, because it is technically possible for the man-fluid to run downwards from the lower part of the belly and to enter the vagina. However, it is not very common for women to get pregnant in that way. What concerns me more is that it sounds like this guy is practising 'withdrawal' - that is, pulling out of the vagina shortly before orgasming. That is a rather risky business, and girls can get pregnant that way. So if you are going to continue having sex with this young man, I suggest that you start relying on sensible methods of contraception, like the Pill, the condom, the Jab or the coil.

Q: I am 16-year-old and male. While going to the toilet the other day, I accidentally got some of the urine on my hands. And they then touched my mouth. Could this have given me an infection?

A: No. What many people do not realise is that under normal circumstances, human urine is a totally sterile fluid. In other words, it contains no germs. There are exceptions to this rule, for instance, if somebody has typhoid fever or hepatitis or a urinary infection. But I am sure that you have nothing at all to fear.


Q: I couldn't get my tampon out last night, Doc. This was on the last day of my menses. Can I just forget about it till the next period?

A: No way! If a tampon is left inside the vagina for too long, it starts to 'go off'. The result is a bad vaginal infection, and often a real bad smell as well. Also, there may be a troublesome discharge. So any woman who cannot get a tampon out should go to a doctor, and let her remove it for her. Do not delay.


Q: Doc, four years ago, when I was 16, I caught 'the clap' off a girl in Spanish Town. I am now thinking of settling down and getting married. But will that old attack of 'the clap' make me sterile?

A: The term 'the clap' means gonorrhoea. It does quite often make men (or women) infertile. But if you had the condition properly and thoroughly treated at the time (with antibiotics), then you will certainly be OK. If by any chance you did not have a course of treatment from a doctor, then you should go and see one now, to have some tests done.

Q: A boy in Portland wants to go to bed with me. But I am not so sure. He really does not look too well, doctor. So I am wondering if he has AIDS?

A: You cannot tell whether anyone has AIDS by just looking at them. However, if this poor guy looks sick, then I feel that he would not be the greatest choice as a sexual partner. Maybe you could encourage him to consult a doctor?

Q: I am male. At the age of 21 years, I have been to bed with girls around 12 times and with boys around 10 times. To be frank, I find beautiful girls and handsome guys equally exciting, Doc. Do you think I am bisexual?

A: Well, I think you pretty well fullfil the definition of bisexuality. However, people do sometimes change as they get older. So you might not be 'bi' for the rest of your life. What I think you should do now is have some sessions with a youth counsellor. She is not going to be able to change your sexual orientation, but she can give you good advice about commonsense strategies that will help you to cope with what is probably going to be a rather difficult few years.


Q: I had a coil inserted last month, shortly after I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My partner is keen to resume sex. But both of us can feel some kind of real hard plastic thing inside the vagina, far inside. What is going on, Doc?

A: Your coil (IUD) is being expelled. In other words, it is coming out of the womb. So you are not protected against conception. Therefore, please do not have sex! You must go to a doctor who can take out this half-expelled coil. If you wish, she can then put in another one.

Q: Is there something wrong with my testicle, Doc? It seems to be kind of 'jammed' up in my groin. And it hurts when my girlfriend and I have sex, because it gets squashed between us.

A: You clearly have a partially undescended testicle. If left untreated, that could cause you illness and pain.

So you must see a surgeon and have it put right. This will involve a small operation.