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Skyy's the Limit: Halloween Edition

Published:Friday | November 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Winston Sill It's all smiles from Lady Chesna Haber (left) who is captured with female pirate Donya Burke.
Restaurant Week Ambassador Safia Cooper (left) gave her spin on the sultry kitty cat while her friend, Marsha Wilson Maxwell, dressed things up as a school girl
Dracular, Jared Samuel,takes a lustful bite of witch Arielle Goubault
Shadae Woolcock makes one very sexy witch.
Satan (Gary Dixon) keeps company with a dead bride-Debbian Spence Minott.
Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer Dracular (Aldean Ledford) was out in all his glory.
From left: Hertha Beckmann, Tonisha Kong (middle) and a 'costumeless' Steven Bernard.

With Dark and Scary Skyy Vodka-inspired cocktails, The Skyy was surely the limit for noble kings and beauty queens, ghouls and witches, and everything in between that came out last Friday night to celebrate Halloween night.

Bar at 23, located at the J. Wray & Nephew headquarters on Dominica Drive, was transformed into a frightful haven designed to not only shock, but excite.

Specially invited guests were greeted by a branded witch swimming in a martini glass in the Skyy. After receiving their complimentary butterfly mask at the entrance, they entered the double doors, only to see a grim reaper pointing the way. A coffin awaited those eager to get in, which housed the corpse of an alarmingly depressed bride.

From there, they proceeded down a haunted hallway, the only way to really enter the party. Random hands reached out from the dark followed by screams from the startled few. After conquering their fear of the dark, guests finally made their grand entrance into Skyy's very own Halloween oasis.

The dungeon

Effervescent lights revealed bats, spiders, cobwebs, pumpkins, a graveyard and a ghoul disc jockey. The dungeon was stocked with two Skyy-branded bars, and with the trick already out of the way, for the treats, and guests had a choice of mango gummy beard infused with Skyy Vodka, sour gummy pumpkins, missing body parts/licorice and candy corn.

A few broke the rules and came as themselves, while many carried on the newly adopted tradition, masking and dressing up for the occasion. The bars were kept busy fulfilling requests for Skyy Vodka as well as other mixed cocktails. Sounds of yesteryear and contemporary music entertained the crowd, mingling through photo ops.

In the end, the Skyy was surely the limit for all in attendance. They had a wonderful time keeping in character while dancing the night away.