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DOCTOR'S ADVICE - Worried about unequal testicles

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Q: Hi, Doc. I am concerned about the size of my testicles. One of them has always been quite a lot bigger than the other, and I do not know why. Fortunately, this does not affect my sex life. I have a girlfriend, and we have intercourse around five or six times for the week, so everything is pretty good, apart from this concern that the testicles are not the same size. Please, help me.

A: Well, let me start with a few medical facts. The average dimensions of the adult human testicle are as follows:

  • Length: one and a half to two inches;
  • Breadth: one inch.

They do slowly increase in size up till around the age of 20. So if you are still a teenager, your testicles may yet grow a little.

You may be surprised to hear that in most guys, the two testicles are of slightly different dimensions. Most often, it is the left one that is a little bigger. But the difference between the two is not very great. Most men do not even notice that their 'balls' are not exactly the same size.

In your case, it seems like the two testes have always been quite a lot different in size, so I do not think that we need to consider the possibility of any recent illness. My guess is that you were born with one testicle slightly on the small side, while the other was normal. But you really must get your 'equipment' checked out by a doctor. Do not fret! The doctor will not do anything painful to you! He will just examine your testicles and assess their size and weight. He might suggest that you do an ultrasound examination.

However, the fact that you have a good sex life with your girlfriend is pretty reassuring. My forecast is that everything will turn out OK, and that you will be able to become a father when you want to. By the way, I hope you are using adequate contraception with your girlfriend because you seem to be having an awful lot of sex!

Q: Good day to you. Why do I bleed from the vagina during sexual intercourse? I have had two abortions. After that, I was bleeding out of control. I was advised to do a pelvic ultrasound. This showed that I had two small fibroids. Could you please tell me if it is because of this illness that I keep bleeding during sex?

A: I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems with bleeding after sex. In a young woman, 'post-coital' bleeding is usually due to one of these factors:

  • A small injury, often caused by her partner's fingernail;
  • Infection with the 'bug' chlamydia;
  • An erosion (raw place) on the cervix;
  • A polyp - which is a little projection of fragile tissue from the cervix.

Sometimes there are more sinister causes, particularly in women over the age of around 28. After-sex bleeding should, therefore, always be taken seriously. It is absolutely essential that you now go and see a doctor to have an internal examination and a Pap smear. I am sure that the doctor will be able to put your fears at rest. Finally, it is unlikely that your fibroids are causing bleeding after sex. You also mentioned something about having a 'thin endometrium', but I do not think that could be relevant. Good luck!

Q: Doc, I am engaged to a beautiful girl. We have a marvellous sex life! I hope that we will marry soon after Christmas. Should I tell her that five years ago, a powerful homosexual guy forced himself on me and in effect 'raped' my bottom?

A: If that is so, then this was a very serious crime that he committed against you. Did you ever inform the police?

From a health point of view, I must point out that any guy who has been on the 'receiving end' of anal intercourse is more likely than average to have a sexually transmitted infection. So, although I don't want to alarm you, I feel that you should go to a doctor or clinic and have the routine tests for sexually transmitted infections - including HIV infection. They will probably be OK.

Now, you asked me whether you should tell your fiancée about that unpleasant experience. Well, I am a great believer in getting things out into the open. Admittedly, there is a risk in telling her that once upon a time you were 'male-raped'. It is just possible that she might react adversely. Nevertheless, I think that you should make a clean breast of what happened. If you can reassure her that you do not have any gay tendencies, then probably all will be well.

Q: I am a girl of 17. Last night, I was doing wild and passionate petting with my boyfriend. The result was that one small drop of his man-fluid landed in my pubic hair. Half an hour later, when I realised what had happened, I washed it away with sea water. (We were on the beach at the time, Doc.) But I am terrified that this little drop of fluid might have made me pregnant. I have heard that it could contain many thousands of sperm. Is that true, doctor?

A: Yes, it is true. Even one drop of seminal fluid contains plenty-plenty sperm.  And it is just about technically possible that one of those sperm cells could have made its way into your vagina then up through your cervix and womb and entered your Fallopian tube. There, it might - just might - have encountered an ovum (egg) and fertilised it. But the odds against that happening are enormous, so I feel pretty sure that you will be OK. Do not fret. However, if you are going to continue with petting, please take more care. And remember that this kind of teenage love play usually leads to intercourse before very long.