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Doctor's ADVICE: What time of the day does my sperm stop producing?

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Q: Hi Doc. I am a guy of 16, and I do not know much about sex. But I have a high sex drive, and cannot stop thinking about girls - and one girl in particular. Is it true, as my friends have told me, that there are some times of day when a male produces no sperm - so he cannot get a girl pregnant?

A: No, that is not true. There is indeed a small variation in 'sperm count' during the course of the day. Generally, a guy has more sperm in the morning than he does in the evening. But there are many factors which can alter that.

And I assure you that you can get a girl pregnant any time of day! So if your intention is to have sex with an available young lady, then please buy yourself some condoms.

Q: Would having that contraceptive jab make me a 'mule', as I have heard, Doc?

A: No, that is a myth. But some women do take a few weeks to re-establish their fertility after they stop using the injection.

Q: Doctor, is my fiancée normal? Both of us were virgins when we met, so neither of us has had sexual experience with other people. What puzzles me is that when she orgasms with me, she doesn't 'ejaculate' any fluid. I have read books which indicate that all normal women do this. So, has she got a problem? And should we get her medically treated?

A: Like a lot of young men, you have clearly been misled by reading 'porno' books. These often suggest that when a female climaxes, she will invariably squirt out some liquid.

This just shows that the people who write these books are extremely ignorant! In the real world, the facts are as follows:

Only a small minority of women regularly ejaculate at the moment when they climax;

Most women have never ejaculated in their lives;

However, some females have just done it once or twice.

So your fiancee is completely normal. And it would make no sense to try and get her medically treated. Any doctor whom you consulted would simply tell you that he or she couldn't help you.

Q: If I went on that mini-Pill, would it affect my skin, Doc?

A: Possibly. A small proportion of young women who start on the mini-Pill (also known as 'progestogen-only Pill' or 'progestin-only Pill') do develop some problems with spots.

If that happened to you, you should ask your doctor to switch you to a next brand.

Q: I am a guy of 20, Doc. I love my girlfriend, but last Saturday night at a party, when I had a lot to drink, I was seduced by one of her closest friends. My question is: should I tell my girlfriend?

A: Well, having had sex with somebody else, I don't think the long-term prospects for your relationship with your girlfriend are too good. Please don't make any plans for marriage - at least until matters have settled down.

My view is that it is only fair to your girlfriend to tell her that you have been unfaithful to her. But your confession may well result in her breaking off the relationship.

On a different matter, you should remember that you may have picked up a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from the 'party girl'. It might be worthwhile having a urine test for chlamydia. And if you get any worrying symptoms, like pain on passing urine or a discharge from the penis, you should definitely go to a doctor and have tests for STIs.

Q: Hello, Doc. I am a female, age 19, and my boyfriend recently showed me a blue movie on the Internet. It was certainly interesting, though a little alarming! One thing that made me concerned was this. The girl who was the lead actress had a bottom which was totally unlike mine. To be frank, doctor, she had a big opening - at least an inch across, maybe more. My anus is tight and does not look like that at all. Was she abnormal, or am I?

A: You are normal. She is abnormal. You see, these poor young ladies who take part in pornographic videos are usually obliged to have regular rectal sex on camera. This widens the anal opening, so that after a while, it starts 'gaping' - often to the diameter of a banana. That is the appearance which you witnessed.

Regrettably, a gaping anus eventually becomes 'leaky' - so that the unfortunate woman becomes slightly incontinent of faeces. That's quite an embarrassing thing to have to cope with.

So, if you don't want to get a leaking bottom, do not engage in regular anal sex.

Q: I am a male, age 21. I guess that I am just about to embark on my first sexual relationship, with a girl who says she loves me. I certainly love her, Doc! My concern is this. I've been masturbating for around seven years. Will all that masturbation affect my ability to have good sex with her, and make her happy?

A: No, not at all. Contrary to what a lot of young guys still think, masturbation is harmless. Any doctor will tell you the same.

I can only think of one way in which a past history of masturbation occasionally affects an adult's sex life. It is this. Sometimes, a young guy gets in the habit of masturbating as fast as possible, so that he reaches an orgasm very quickly.

Now and again, I have seen male patients who have got used to 'quick climaxes', and so, have behaved in the same way during intercourse. That means that they ejaculate prematurely. When you are in bed with your partner, take care to avoid 'coming' too quickly.

Q: Doctor, I am 18. So am I too young to go on the Pill? I have heard where it is dangerous for teenagers.

A: No, you have got this the wrong way round. The risks of the Pill are fairly small, but they are greatest in OLDER ladies - like the over 35s.

In young females, the Pill is extraordinarily safe. However, bad side-effects like thrombosis do occasionally occur. So before going on the Pill, a woman should always have a talk with a doc and also a check-up to make sure that she has no risk factors for thrombosis (clotting).

Q: I am a guy of 20, and I am a bit puzzled by the fact that I often have sexual fantasies of beautiful girls having lesbian sex together. Why is this, please? Is there something wrong with me?

A: No, there is nothing wrong with you. It is a simple fact of life that a lot of young guys (and some older ones) like the fantasy of two beautiful girls having sex. This is why there is so much of that type of thing on the Internet.

The reasons why so many men like this fantasy are not clear. Some psychologists theorise that it may be because certain men think that if two breasts are good, then four must be better.

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