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Will I be guilty of abandoning them?

Published:Tuesday | December 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
File A father enjoying play time with his children

Q I have an opportunity to complete my training in Canada, but my children are 16 and 14 and having had negative experiences overseas, do not wish to go with me. I will be away for 18 months. Will I be guilty of abandoning them?

AThink of your options. They are old enough to understand and you have a chance to make your lives better. If you do decide to go, ensure that you are comfortable with where they will be staying and that you have constant contact.

I need help with feisty teen

QMy 14-year-old stepdaughter is being very feisty. She talks about going to her father's all the time but he does not have the first dime to buy her dinner. How can we control her?

A You and your wife need to make an appointment to see a psychologist who will guide you with steps that you may practise to help your stepdaughter. Remember these are the teen years, it may not be an easy experience right now.

Should I tell on my cousin?

QMy 16 year-old sister is pregnant for our cousin. My mother is beating her but she will not say who it is. He is five years older than her and will be migrating soon. Should I talk?

A You need to sit with your sister and encourage her to tell your mother the truth. It is better for her to talk about it now than to keep it inside.

n Orlean Brown Earle, PhD, Psychologist Jamaica. Pray Always!!