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My son is a 'rude' boy

Published:Wednesday | January 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q: MY SON is 15-year-old and in fourth form. He now has an alliance with some boys who sport tattoos. I have told him that boys who wear tattoos and dress like 'rude' boys will be treated poorly by society. He still has them as his friends. How can I stop this friendship?

A: You need to be strong about the guidelines you give your son. If you are active at church, allow your son to be a part of the youth group there. That should be a positive influence. Continue to be firm with your son regarding the rules of your household. Remember,

you are in charge of your home.

Q: I am excited. My

17-year-old daughter starts college this semester. I want to be protective, but not overbearing. Any advice?

A: Wonderful news! Just let your daughter know that you are always available to help her and encourage her to eat well.

Q: My twin sons are out of control. At 9, they are very strong-willed and I have even had to chase them at a friend's house when they were being naughty. I am about to hit them hard and walk to the CDA (Child Development Agency) office. Help me!

A: You seem to have allowed the boys to get away with a lot over the years. They can still be helped. You will now have to be firm and when you say no, you must mean no, and when you say yes, you must mean yes. Let all family members know that it will not be business as usual. Remember, loss of privileges can hurt more than a slap.