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For the love of ... Life

Published:Sunday | January 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMNatalia Oh!
Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer Elegantly poised in a gorgeous sunny yellow dress is model Danisha Scott
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Contributed Marica Mitchell

For the love of ... Life

Love, no matter how we define it, means something different to each of us.

Beginning a new year is always the time to reflect and embrace all the good in this world and attempt to steer our lives on a clear path on this journey of life. The idea of wanting to do more and better is the desire that we should embrace daily.

In this new series, For The Love of ... , we will examine the views of everyday people and what they define love as on various topics. Today, three women share with Outlook what The Love of Life means to them in their own words. What motivates them and keeps them going on this path we call life.

Marica Mitchell: Educator

Being asked to speak on the love of life is exciting to me because of the simple fact that I have a purpose to live - I am a mother.

Even though it's not easy being a single mother, I rely on my faith and inner strength to carry me through. The joy of motherhood is worth it and the mere fact that a simple conversation with my children makes every moment so precious. Focusing on God's true purpose and meaning for my life, I decided that I would change my lifestyle and focus on my health and talents that God gave me. Through this, I have motivated others with my weight-loss journey and began new hobbies such as photography and sewing.

I enjoy capturing the beauty of this world around me with my camera - may it be of nature, my children or people around me. The love of life helped me to find who I really am and to use my story and journey to uplift, encourage, and motivate others.

Peta-Gaye Harriott: Assistant company

secretary, Nagico Insurances

Life is such a precious gift! With life, I am able to continue being and doing for my family. I am able to bless and uplift on others everywhere, either at the office, social media or on the street.

I am a very positive person and I see good or hope in every situation. I pride myself on being a solution-driven person and, because of this, I don't focus on a problem for too long - just how to fix it. This trait coupled with my faith allows me to embrace life and deal with setbacks in strides.

By nature, I have always been self-motivated, and this can be attributed to witnessing and experiencing some real difficult moments with my mom. No matter what she went through, she always helped others, even giving her last. Nothing gets her down for too long; so I owe that to her. She is a fighter!

When I am down, I lean on God a lot for strength and wisdom, and I release my frustrations and disappointments through my tears. A good cry can really make you feel better. I also have a wonderful circle of friends who at times are 'the ears of my venting' and are there for me. Most of my friends refer to me as "sunshine".

My love for my family and people keeps me going. There is always hope, once there is life.

Danisha Scott: Model and talent scout

I am blessed to be given the gift of life each day, doing what I love and what I have been doing from the tender age of 14. I wake up each day with the chance to see new things and to be inspired by everyday things and moments.

I'm motivated in the world of modelling when I see other models, fashionistas, photographers, make-up artists, designers, magazine editors, bloggers, etc perfecting their craft. Their success and drive encourage me to go on.

I live my life being optimistic and always hoping for the best to happen. However, life doesn't always meet us with that. Regardless of what life throws at us, I believe it should be embraced, because we can learn from everything.