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Could I be pregnant?

Published:Saturday | April 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q Dear Doc, I am 19 and female. Recently I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on two nights straight. Each time, he ejaculated inside of me. The worst part was that I did not use any form of birth control.

However, three days later, I saw my period.

Could I still be pregnant?

A Forgive my saying so, but having 'bareback' sex (and on two nights running!) was taking a most unwise risk.

Do you secretly want to get pregnant, or what? Maybe your boyfriend wants to make you pregnant! Certainly, if the two of you continue like this, the result will be a baby.

Now, you ask me if there is any possibility that you might already be 'with child.' Well, if you are sure that you had a genuine period, then it is unlikely that you could be expecting, but if there is any chance that the bleeding could have been due to some other cause (like a cut), then you should get a pregnancy test done now.

Assuming that you are not pregnant, then I urge the two of you to pick some sensible method of birth control - like the Pill, the jab or the condom. Good luck.

Q As a guy of 19 years, I have not, so far, been very successful regarding sex.

Would a circumcision help me, Doctor?

A That is pretty unlikely. Young men often wonder whether taking a circumcision would make them 'better in bed', but that is rarely the case.

The only instance in which a circumcision 'op' can help the sex life is this: If the guy's foreskin is so tight that it won't roll back when he is erect, then operating to remove the excess skin can be useful. It will also make everything more hygienic, but unless you have a tight foreskin, I don't think you should try and get a doctor to circumcise you. Instead, I feel you should consult a counsellor or youth advisor who can discuss with you why you feel that your efforts at having sex have been unsuccessful.

Q I am desperate to get pregnant, Doc, but my boyfriend refuses to agree! He does not want to have children ever.

What he always does is to withdraw just before he discharges, and just like they do in the porn movies, he climaxes on my belly. By the way, this is frustrating for me, but now I have thought of a way in which I could get pregnant, even though he does not want me to conceive. Doctor, would you kindly tell me if my plan would work?

My idea is this. I am sure that after we have had sex, I could gather up his 'man fluid' in glass jar and then kind of inject it into the vagina when he is not around.

Would this make me conceive a baby, which I long for so much?

A First of all, may I say that it is not surprising that you are sexually frustrated. Many women whose partners 'pull out' feel the same way, and this practice seems to have become more common recently - because of the fact that so many young guys have seen it done during those foolish porn films.

Now, would your scheme work? You may be surprised to learn that throughout history, quite a lot of women have tried that particular trick in an effort to get pregnant. Really, it is just a simple method of artificial insemination (sometimes known as AI), and the fact is that it can work - as long as the seminal fluid is inserted at around the time when the woman is ovulating. Also, the sperm has to be fresh. It is no good attempting the AI when the liquid has been standing around for several hours, but I must say to you that I do not think you should do this artificial insemination. Admittedly, it is not illegal, but it would not be fair to your current boyfriend. If you conceived in that way and your partner ever found out what you had done, the legal position would be quite difficult. Certainly, the young man could claim that he had been tricked by you and he might well refuse to support the child.

My medical opinion: do not try this trick, which is only likely to lead to problems. As you are so desperate to have a baby, maybe you should bring an end to your current relationship and think about forming a life-partnership with a guy who actually does want to have children.

Q I am a 21-year-old man. Doc, five years ago I was raped by a male tourist.

Could that have given me HIV, even though I have no symptoms?

A That is an awful thing to happen to a young man. I hope you informed the police. If not, I urge you to do so. They might be willing to pass his name to the cops in his home country.

Also, that guy might one day come back to the island and inflict himself on other young people so the Jamaican authorities ought to know about him.

Turning to yourself, I presume you are saying that the guy forced you into anal sex. That type of intercourse is the most efficient way of passing on HIV. However, if the tourist was HIV-negative, then obviously he cannot have given you the virus.

The fact that you seem to have been symptom-free during the last five years is encouraging. Nevertheless, HIV can sometimes be present in the body and cause no symptoms at all. Therefore, I think that you should now go to a doctor and have an HIV test done.

I very much hope that the result will be negative so that you can have peace of mind.

Q Hi, Doc! I took Postinor-2 around 11 hours after having sex. Thirteen days later, my menses arrived, and I also got a period the following month.

Now, I am bloated and constipated and my breasts feel full. Is there any possibility that I am pregnant, despite taking the Postinor-2?

A That seems unlikely. There are various reasons (away from pregnancy) why a young woman might feel bloated and constipated and have 'full' breasts.

In order to find out what is going on, you really should see a doctor and take an internal examination. It could be that you have some minor hormone problem which needs fixing. Please try and get to a doctor within a week.

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