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Doctor's Advice: Can the mumps make you sterile?

Published:Saturday | May 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q: Doc, I am a guy who is fretting. My mother has just told me that when I was younger, I had mumps. I can remember being at home in bed and having a 'puffy' face.

Now I have read on the Internet that this infection can make a guy infertile! Do you think that I am sterile?


A: Mumps used to be a common infection in children and young people, and you are right that it can affect the testicles - and occasionally make a guy sterile. It can also affect the ovaries in girls.

But, when male sterility occurs, it is usually after the mumps virus has made the testicles swollen and painful. If you have no recollection of anything like that happening, then it is most unlikely that the mumps has affected your fertility.

Note to parents: The fact that mumps can do this unpleasant thing to boys and girls is a powerful argument in favour of ensuring that children are immunised against the infection.

Doc, I am a guy who would like your fatherly advice. I am deeply concerned about what I think is called my ejaculate. I am talking about when I orgasm. I am now 19, and I am quite sure that my orgasmic fluid does not go as far as it used to when I was 13 or 14, so I am fretting that maybe something is wrong with me.

Also, my friends and I have recently looked at some porn videos of guys climaxing. I am frightened by the fact that the men in the videos can project their fluid farther than I can. In addition, I saw a film in which a porn star produced at least 25 powerful 'jets,' one after the other. That is far more than anything I can do, Doctor!

Have I got some 'wasting' disease? Am I already starting to lose my nature, or what?


A: Like a lot of young guys, you have been fretting unnecessarily. I hope I can convince you of that!

Let me begin with this question of 'repeated jets', which has troubled you so much. You watched a video in which a guy appeared to produce around 25 jets, one after the other, but what you do not realise is that in these crazy movies, what often happens is that they put a film sequence on a loop. In other words, you are just looking at the same thing again and again! A doctor who investigated this matter found that in one film, an actor had an orgasm, and actually ejaculated three squirts, which is about average. But the sequence of his orgasm had been put on a loop - so that it seemed like he was producing jet after jet for around five minutes. I assure you that is physiologically impossible.

Now, let us look at the medical facts concerning climaxes in men. Unlikely as it may seem, careful scientific experiments have been carried out on this subject by Dr Kinsey and later by the famous Masters and Johnson.

The main results were:

- Dr Kinsey found that the majority of males exuded seminal fluid without it going any significant distance.

- However, some men project their fluid as far as 12 to 14 inches;

- A very few males sometimes produce a jet which goes several feet.

In general, the distance is greatest when the guy has not had sex for quite a while, and when he is enormously sexually excited.

Now, you have noticed that your ejaculation does not go as far as it did five or six years ago. I assure you this is a normal aspect of life. The distance which the semen travels does tend to get a little less as the years go by, but that does not matter. You are not losing your nature, or suffering from some 'wasting disease', and you are not going to have any problems with your sex life.

Finally, you may like to know that women are not remotely interested in how far a guy's man-fluid travels. They are concerned with far more important things, like whether he is kind and thoughtful in bed, and whether he tries to ensure that his partner is satisfied.

I started on the Pill two days ago, and ever since then I have felt nauseous, Doc.

Is this a sign of thrombosis, and should I stop immediately?


A: No, it is definitely not a sign of thrombosis (clotting). In any case, thrombosis is rare among younger women; it is much more common in persons over 35.

Feelings of nausea are pretty common during the first two weeks on the Pill. They are caused by the oestrogen (a female hormone) which is contained in it. They usually disappear as your body starts to get used to the medication.

So, there is no need to stop taking the oral contraceptive, but if you are still feeling sick at the end of the first packet, then you should ask your doctor to switch you to a next brand.

Last week, I had sex with a girl for the first time in my life, and now it seems like the 'head' is coming away from my penis, Doc!

Please help me. What is wrong with me? Is it caused from sex?


A: The head is not coming off your penis. Almost certainly, all that is happening is this: In a lot of young guys, there are adhesions (small bands of tissue) which bind the foreskin to the ridge round the head. When sexual activity commences, these adhesions naturally break down. In effect, this gives the young man slightly more foreskin than he had before.

I think that for your own reassurance, you should ask a doctor to check out your organ, but I feel sure that he will tell you that everything is OK.

Three weeks ago, I had sex with a boy for the very first time in my life. We only did it for around a minute. I think he discharged, but I am not too sure, Doc.

Now, my menses are a week overdue! I also feel a little sick.

Do you think there is any chance that I might be pregnant?


A: I am afraid that it is highly likely. After all, you had sex with a guy at what sounds like the fertile time of your cycle, and he may well have ejaculated inside you.

I hope that everything will be OK for you, but you must do a pregnancy test right away!

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