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Doctor's Advice: 'My penis has colour issues'

Published:Saturday | May 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q: Doctor, my penis is quite white compared with the rest of my body. What can I do to make it darker?

A: In your email, you have asked quite a lot of complex questions, and I will deal with them next week.

But as regards the colour of your organ, there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do about that.

I strongly advise you not to try putting any creams or ointments on it.

Does the shade matter a lot to you? Frankly, I doubt if any young woman would be interested in what colour your male organ is. But one simple 'camouflage' trick would be to buy some brightly-coloured condoms, and to make sure you wear one of those whenever you are making love.


Can partners get 'stuck' during sex?

Q: I am a guy of 17, and have never had sex. Doc, I am afraid to go with girls because of what my friends have told me. They say that a male can get 'stuck' inside a female, and be totally unable to get out.

They claim that, quite often, the couple have to be taken to hospital, so that the doctors can kind of 'disentangle' them.

Is this true? Please advise me, because I am terrified.

A: Well, this an alarming tale - and it is one which a lot of young men have told each other over the years. Generally, the story is that the man gets inside the woman and then her vaginal muscles suddenly 'clamp down,' so that he is held in a vice-like grip, and cannot get out.

In many versions of this tale, someone calls an ambulance, and the couple are taken to hospital - where the doctors have to give the young woman a general anaesthetic, to make her relax and thus release the young man.

As a rule, it is claimed that the couple were suffering from a condition called 'penis captivus' a term which sounds convincingly medical.

Many people have assured me that this story is true. But I am not so sure. In all my professional life, I have never seen such a case. Nor have I ever met any other doctor who has seen one. It is always a case of: "Oh yes, I heard it happened in the Cayman Islands last year ... or was it down in Trinidad?"

However, I have to admit that, technically, it is just possible that a woman could go into a state of 'muscle contract' in the pelvic area - and that her partner's penis could become firmly gripped inside.

Some years ago, the authoritative British Medical Journal published a review of alleged cases of 'penis captivus'. Their conclusion was that there had been no proven cases in modern times - but that it was possible that such incidents may have happened in the distant past.

I do remember that a case of 'penis captivus' was supposed to have occurred in Jamaica, back in 2008. The story which went round the island was that the guy was so badly trapped that the doctors had to cut his penis off. But when reporters went to the hospital at which this was supposed to have occurred, no one knew anything about it.

Now let us return to you and your fears of being "trapped". I ask you to consider the statistics. If, in my long medical career, I personally have never seen such a case, then 'penis captivus' must be incredibly rare. So the odds against it happening to you must be enormous.

I suspect that your pals are deliberately "winding you up". Maybe they know that you are a virgin. Maybe they also think that you are a little gullible.

Anyway, I think that you should forget about this whole alarming story. One day, some time in the future, you will meet some charming young lady, and maybe even fall in love with her. Doubtless she will eventually let you have sex with her. You will find the experience warm and delightful. And you will not get "trapped"inside!


Am I still a virgin?

Q: Hello, Doc. I need help. I am female, age 19, and I want to know if I am still a virgin or not.

I remember that I allowed a guy to insert his 'thing' in me when we were very young - around age seven to eight. I also remember that I didn't bleed after that.

So please, I want you to help me find out whether I am still a virgin. If you asked me, personally, I would say that I don't think I am. But I don't want to believe that I am not.

A: Well, I have a feeling that like quite a few young women you may be slightly confused as to what constitutes virginity. A lot of girls think that in order to lose the virginity, the hymen (the 'virgin's veil) must be broken - and that this is always indicated by vaginal bleeding.

In fact, technically, a female's virginity has 'gone' as soon as a penis gets inside her vagina. That's it. The hymen does not have to be broken. There is no necessity for bleeding to occur.

So, let us turn to your case. You say that you have a distant memory of a young boy putting his penis into your vagina when you were younger. If your memory is correct, then that means that legally, you are not a virgin.

But please remember that people's memories of childhood are often blurred, or downright mistaken. It is just possible that this boy did not really get his organ into you.

From your email, I get the impression that you are concerned about whether your hymen is still in place and unbroken. And in the part of your communication that I have not printed, you talk about having recently engaged in some kind of penetrative masturbation, and about trying to use tampons.

Such activities can break a young woman's hymen - but legally they do not take away her virginity.

If it really is important to you to know whether your hymen is intact, then all you can do is to go to an experienced doctor - and ask her to give you an internal check-up. I wish you well.


Calculating fertile days

Q: Doc, I have a lovely new girlfriend. And I would like to know this. On how many days of the month is she fertile?

A: Usually around five or six. But it varies a lot. Please do not rely on trying to guess her 'fertile days.'


Could she get pregnant?

Q: Doc, can a few drops of 'man fluid' on the outside of the vagina cause pregnancy?

It happened about five days after the period.

A: Well, if you mean five days after the end of the menses, then you would be getting into the fertile time of the month.

However, drops of seminal fluid which are deposited outside the vagina (like in the pubic hair) are unlikely to get a woman pregnant - because it is a very long way for them to swim. So let us hope your period arrives this month.

But if you are going to continue 'fooling around' with your boyfriend. Please get yourself some reliable contraception.