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Published:Monday | January 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Gluten bridge assists with the glutes and hamstring.
Front squats help with flexibility in the knee as well as focus on the quad. How’s that for an air straddle?
Plank hip raises help with strengthening the core muscles, and work the pelvic area. It is good for endurance when it comes to the bedroom.
The pull from Adduction is great for a woman's inner thighs.

Now I know what you're thinking: what does sex have to do with exercise? The answer? Everything! A woman can't help but be thrilled by the fact that her man of choice is virile, shows great strength and knows how to go the distance. And men, who doesn't love a limber woman who can easily grace you into an exhilarating journey, and can keep up to par in the throes of ecstasy?

Fitness can have a tremendous impact on fantasy, and today, with the help of Stokely Rose, Judy-Ann Morgan, Neil Clarke and In Motion Dance and Fitness, Flair will demonstrate a few exercises that will assist in enhancing your performance in the bedroom.

Shoot location:

In Motion Dance and Fitness

77 Shortwood Road (on Shortwood Teachers' College's campus)

Tel: 924-7491


Creative Director: Krysta Anderson

Photographer: Gladstone Taylor


• Stokely Rose, CEO of Trainfit Club and certified personal trainer (ISSA).

n Judy-Ann Morgan, reigning Miss Jamaica Bikini International 2015.

n Neil Clarke, action certified fitness instructor.