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Doctor's Advice: I can't have sex

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q: Last week, for the first time in my life, I tried to have sex with a girl, but I just couldn't do it, Doc.

Do you think the problem could be the fact that I have quite a long 'droopy' foreskin? Should I have it cut off by a surgeon?

A: This is nothing to do with your foreskin, and you do not need to have a circumcision operation.

But I am not quite clear about why you couldn't get into this young lady. My best guess is that you probably didn't have a hard enough erection.

In any case, what I think you should do now is to have your 'equipment' checked out by a doctor. He will be able to tell you if you have any real problem.

And please, when you do try again, make sure that one of you is using a reliable form of contraception.


Q: Doc, the other night I intentionally picked up some of the semen that had just been produced by my husband and inserted it into my vagina. This was just after we had finished making love. Could that lead to pregnancy?

A: Yes, it certainly can - if you do it at your most fertile time of the month. Really, it is a 'do-it-yourself' version of artificial insemination.

I don't understand why you decided to do this. My best guess is that your husband regularly 'pulls out' because he doesn't want to have any children at the moment. And presumably you wish to become pregnant, which is why you took matters into your own hands.

Did you tell your spouse what you had done? Look, it is not a good idea for husband and wife to be pursuing separate agendas on these matters. I feel that the two of you should talk things over and agree on a mutually acceptable course of action about when to try and conceive a child.


Q: Some of the other girls at school say that I should douche regularly. I understand that this means squirting some kind of cleansing fluid into the vagina.

Should I do this?

A: No. There is a traditional belief in some parts of Jamaica that douching is good for you. It isn't.

It can introduce infection and cause allergic or sensitivity reactions. Also, it can affect the normal acid/alkali balance of the vagina, and that can lead to long-term problems.

In general, gynaecologists and other doctors really dislike the practice of douching. If you think you have something wrong with the vagina, don't douche. See a doctor instead.


Q: I am a male of 18 years, and I like kissing and cuddling with girls. But the other night, when I had had quite a lot to drink, an older guy hugged and kissed me. To my alarm, I liked that, too.

This is frightening, Doctor! Am I gay, or what?

A: On the basis of the limited information you have given me, I would say that you could eventually 'go either way'. It sounds like you are in the bisexual part of the spectrum at the moment, but that could easily change as you get older.

My advice: Don't have any sexual contact with anyone for the next six months or so. That includes kissing and cuddling and, at all costs, beware of having too much alcohol. That fuddles the senses and makes people do things that they wouldn't have done otherwise.

In six months or a year, you should be clearer about whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.

Good luck!


Q: I had my period on a Tuesday, and then enjoyed unprotected sex with my hubby 13 days later, so I took Postinor 2 that night. Eight days later, I saw my period again.

A further eight days after that I had unprotected sex again. Was it alright to take Postinor 2 once more to avoid pregnancy?

A: There should be no harm from taking Postinor 2 once in one menstrual cycle and then again during the next cycle, but I would not recommend taking it twice in the same cycle.

Please note that this 'after sex pill' cannot be as reliable as regular contraception. I really would advise you to pick a better method, like the Pill, the condom, the coil, or the implant.


Q: Doc, is it true that there is now some medication that will give a guy an erection within 15 minutes? If so, I would really love to try that. What is it called, please?

A: I guess you are talking about avanafil, which is fairly a new and fast-acting erection-inducer. Yes, it generally works within 15 to 30 minutes. It is a good deal faster than Viagra, which usually takes anything up to an hour to really work.

But I don't understand why a young guy like you would need to take an erection inducer. I gather you are still in your teens, and at that age, most men have lots of erections and have no difficulty whatever in obtaining them.

If you really are having problems in getting erect, please consult a doctor.


Q: I am a guy of 16 years, and I think I may have gonorrhoea. A friend of mine told me that the best cure is to have sex with a virgin.

Is this true, Doc?

A: No, it is foolishness! It is a crazy old legend, and there is no sense in it at all.

Since you suspect you have 'the clap', you must go to a doctor or a clinic right away for diagnosis and treatment. In the meantime, please do not have sex with anybody, and steer clear of innocent virgins.


Q: After one or two scares, I have finally decided to go on the Pill, but how does one actually start it, Doc?

A: Generally, you take the very first Pill on the first day of your menses. If you do that, you will be protected immediately.

The doctor who prescribes the Pill for you will give you further guidance.

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