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Ask the doc: Can one episode impregnate me?

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q: I'm a female teenager, and boys are always trying to persuade me to go to bed with them. Doc, is it true that if you only do it once, you cannot get pregnant?

Some of the girls at my school say this, but I am not so sure.

A: This is just one of those old myths. Pay it no mind!

Look, it is easy to get pregnant through just 'doing it' once. If a guy's sperm gets inside you and you are ovulating that day, there is every chance that you will conceive.

So, please refuse all of these young guys who want you to go to bed with them. To have a baby at this time of your life could well be disastrous for your career.


Q: I am a guy of 19. To be honest, Doc, I love having sex with my girlfriend. Could I get that 'male Pill' that I have read about?

A: I am afraid that the 'male Pill' is still in the process of development. I forecast that it will not be available for years.

If you are going to continue to have sex with your girlfriend, which I suppose you are, then please use a condom. Alternatively, she could go on one of the female methods of contraception, such as the Pill, mini-Pill or jab.


Q: A year ago, I had sex with a pretty girl in Portland. It was just once, Doc, and I do not think I ejaculated.

She has now texted me to say that I am the father of a three month-old baby boy. I am just astounded. Is she tricking me, or what?

A: Well, on the basis of what you have told me, you could be the babyfather, but there also is a possibility that she had sex with some other guy about that time and got pregnant by him.

I don't think we can assume that she is some kind of ginnal! Young women do sometimes make mistakes about these things, and it could be that she has just got her dates wrong and is simply mistaken in saying that you have fathered this baby.

So, the only thing you can do now is to say to her that you don't mind having DNA testing. Obviously, the girl and the little babe will also have to be DNA-tested. I hope it all works out for the three of you.


Q: Doc, has female masturbation changed the appearance of my private parts? I have done it occasionally since I was 15, and now notice that one of my labia is longer than the opposite one.

I certainly don't look like the girls I have seen in porn movies. Help!

A: Blue movies often present a ridiculously neat and perfectionist view of what the female genitalia are supposed to look like. Some actresses have actually had surgery to make them appear 'tidy'. In the real world, most women don't really look like that. If you don't believe me, have a glance at some of the medical websites which show what the female organ is really like.

Quite a few women think that masturbation has changed the appearance of the vaginal opening (the vulva), but, in reality, this is nearly impossible - unless you did something strange that stretched the labia far more than they are supposed to go.

You say that you have only masturbated occasionally, so it is inconceivable that you have altered the shape of your sex organs.


Q: I am a guy of 17, and am a student. My best friend wants me to 'share' a girl with him. Is this wise?

A: I think you already know the answer to that question. Incidentally, I am always a little surprised when a young guy wants another male to join him in having sex with a girl. Could there be an element of homosexuality in his mind? I wonder.

Anyway, having a threesome with two guys and one girl is a really dumb idea. For a start, it increases the chances of catching a sexually transmitted infection. And if the young lady gets pregnant, it may be difficult to work out who the father is - at least, until after the child is born.

Finally, I have seen threesomes lead to psychological problems, especially where one of the men becomes jealous of the other guy's sexual performance, or of his size.

So I suggest you tell your friend 'No'.


Q: My doctor says she is going to put me on the Pill, but there is one thing I do not understand. She tells me I must take it 'three weeks on and one week off'.

But what happens during the week off the Pill? Surely, I could get pregnant during that week when I am not taking it?

A: No, that will not happen. As you rightly say, with most brands of the Pill, you take one tablet daily for 21 days, then you have a week's break.

During that week's break, you will have your menses. It is stopping the Pill at the end of the pack that brings on the period. By the way, once you are on the Pill the menses should be:

- shorter;

- lighter;

- pain-free.

Fortunately, the protection that the packet of Pills gives you will extend throughout the week off. So you will be perfectly safe from pregnancy during that break.


Q: As a guy, I am puzzled by women, Doc.

Three months ago, I had an exciting one-night stand with a girl in St Catherine.

Last week, I was driving through that district again, so I called in to see her. We kissed, but to my amazement, she would not go to bed with me.

Isn't that weird, Doctor? As she was willing to have sex with me three months back, why wasn't she happy to do it again that day?

A: Well, this is a common example of how male and female thinking can be different!

You feel that you seduced this young lady three months ago and, therefore, she should give herself to you whenever you drop by. She, however, does not feel that what happened last year has put her under any obligation to do it again with you.

I must say that I agree with her on this. After all, there are many possible reasons why she might not want to go to bed with you again. They include the following:

- Maybe she didn't like your 'performance' in bed the last time!

- Maybe she has a new boyfriend to whom she wishes to remain faithful.

- Maybe she has acquired an STI recently.

- Maybe she is (quite reasonably) scared of getting pregnant.

My advice is for you to stop fretting about this girl. In the future, try to be more sensitive and considerate about women's feelings.


Q: Doc, is it OK to have sex on the same day that you have a Pap smear?

A: Yes, provided that you have sex after the Pap test, not before.

Couples do sometimes have intercourse in the few hours before the lady has cervical screening, but this can affect the results. In fact, the lab may report that they can see sperm through the microscope.

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