Sat | Feb 24, 2018

Kiss cream-filled goodness

Published:Thursday | January 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Facebook lit up when the Jamaica Biscuit Company announced that after being off the market for some time, Kiss cakes have not only returned to Jamaican shelves but are also manufactured on the island.

Nika Marie Campbell: "I feel like a child again! I loved these growing up! Trinidad can keep Sunshine Snacks, We have our Kiss back!"


Jacinth Samuels: "Oh my word! It's just last week my daughter and I were talking about Kiss cake, how we missed it. Let's hope it's just as delicious and moist with plenty filling."


Jones Stargirl Sherice: "'Uno a tek too long'. I can't wait to get my hands on them. Let's see them hitting our shelves in the soonest of time."


Bridget Brown: "I looked all day in the supermarket to find one yesterday. Wasn't of such great luck, not even one."


Trudz Kimmyevabless Barracks: "Ate four already but gotta slow down watching the weight."


Renardo Omar Christie Wilson: "From them come back last week about 15 I ate already. It's over 19 years since I last had a Kiss."


Jhenelle Jay: "It's been so long mi a wait. Afi guh mek a deal wid smady fi send some come America."


Max Brown: "I use to use my church collection every Sunday, when mama ask 'you pay your collection?' I would say: 'I buy Kiss mama'."


Demar Gordon: "Did I miss them? Is that a serious question?"


Shaska Coarteson: "If this is true, next time I come home half suitcase of Bobbies and half suitcase of Kiss cakes."

Georgeona: "Walters I'm hooked."