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Looking at the positives of dance hall

Published:Wednesday | March 8, 2017 | 2:11 PM


As a white 57-year-old English pastor who was largely formed in a West Indian-led church in London, you may find it odd for me to applaud the article on Dance hall (Sunday Gleaner February 25). Yet, while the thrust and philosophy of dance hall will never be my thing, I could immediately identify the business logic and the political sensibility of engaging positively with dance hall. It does appear that there is hypocrisy in using dance hall to win elections and then to condemn it as a source of criminal behaviour from the comfort of political office.

I would hope that the Jamaican Government will have a change of heart and mind, and perhaps even of rhythm, and embrace dance hall, celebrate its positives and champion its development so as to recognise its contribution both present and potential more fully. With so much dance talent on the island surely dance hall can help to build a more inclusive, prosperous and safer community.

David French

Catford, London