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5 things no one tells you about the big chop

Published:Wednesday | March 22, 2017 | 5:55 PM
Bella Blair sporting her big chop

Some may want  to get some relief from the creamy crack while others just want their scalp to be relieved from the burns or their hair to be damaged and then there are those who just need a change.Change however comes with challenges and pros. While I am in the army of celebrating the women who return to their roots I have witnessed some of the newbie naturalista mayhem that goes with it.

1. Head shape: you might be surprised at the shape of your head.  It really does not matter if you have a little peak at the back and it may not be perfectly round like Amber Rose but your head is shaped for your body. The nerves are warranted but it will be fine.

2. Styling: after doing a big chop, unless your hair is naturally curly in ringlets you will not be able to achieve these curls instantly. In fact those wash and go curly looks take a little time and your hair cut may be a little blunt. So limit your expectations.

3. Product Junkie: you will start using one product and then you hear about another and get that one. Before you know it your bedroom, bathroom will be filled with hair products and you have only one head. You will become a product junkie.

4. Care: you will need to treat your hair and scalp with much care. Do not neglect moisturising because your hair or washing or treating your scalp because the hair is short.

5. Liberated: you will feel amazing and free (so I have heard). Some individuals might not even grow it