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Make-Up Must Have

Published:Thursday | March 23, 2017 | 4:24 PM

Bronzers, mascara, lipsticks just to name a few are some of the beauty treats that women use daily to enhance their look. While we all do not put on a full face there is that one item that has to be poked into the purse. Flair asked a few women what that essential item was.

Suzanne CousinsLipstick,  because I think if your face is bare and you have on just a pop of colour it makes such a big difference. Lipstick is pretty essential I believe, even if it's just a lip stain or some coloured gloss.

Sandy Pellington: Mine is my concealer. It works wonders in covering up my acne scars.

Danneill Laird: Lip balm, because while your face can be bare, chapped lips are never cute.

Casandra Smith Scott: I have two that I cannot choose from  La Girl Pro Concealer because on a tired day it gives my face an immediate lift. Secondly I can’t live without a black eyeline pencil for my brows. My brows frame my face and gives me a good look.

Cerene Davis: I need my black eyeliner and a bold lip colour, to give both my eyes and lips that pop.

Stephanie Smith: Definitely brow pencil for me. While my face is riddled with acne marks, I think that brows alone fits me better than only foundation.

Deandra Matherson: An eyeliner and a lip gloss are my must haves because even without foundation the two together gives you a presentable look without the fuss.

Keisha Patrick: Concealer covers my blemishes well. I have dark circles under my eyes and with a concealer you would not notice.

Sheena-Kaye McFarlane: My EOS lip balm is my must have. My facial skin tone is pretty even, so I do not need a concealer or foundation. However, I love to talk and smile thus my lips have to be in its best shape.