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Published:Wednesday | April 5, 2017 | 11:09 AMKrysta Anderson

For some women, their hair is everything! They say that you can tell a lot about a woman’s personality by the way she styles her hair. Well, if your hair could talk, what would it say to you?

Giving new meaning to term ‘hairsay’, here's what a few women think they would hear their 'hairsay'

I'm glad you gave me a cut, but now that you have, can you add a little moisturiser please?

-A. W.

I love that you love me being all natural, but would it kill you to comb me out?

-L. F.

Cut me now please! Wait, don't cut me yet, just wash and comb me some more please

-S. C

If my hair could talk it would probably ask "Ahmm, how much longer are we gonna grow this because we are now getting locked into doors and drawers plus falling into your food and that's no fun?"


My hair would say “I’m thirsty”, and “Let me breathe.”

-S. R.

If my hair could talk, it would say, “Thank you, for everything.”

-A. C.

My hair would say, “You are one confused, experimental but confident soul! No matter how crazy the idea, I always come out beautifully!”

-S. G

Since I’m my own boss and work in the entertainment industry, I have the luxury of doing whatever I want to with my hair without fear of bring judged or criticised, My hair would say, “Colour me purple.”

-R. B.

My hair would tell me “Give me some breeze,” because I’m always wearing false hair.

-S. D

“Stop cutting me!” is what my hair would tell me.

-S. C.

 Knowing my hair she would say, “Girl, cool it with the gel, you're about to send me into therapy.”


My hair would tell me right at this moment, that she needs more loving.

-L. M

“Cut me off and start over” is what my hair would say to me because I’m having a hair crisis.

-R. M.

My hair would say, “Girl, make up your mind, this minute you want to be natural today, tomorrow you process, cut and curl me.”

-R. E.

“Could you cut me? Even above pixie cut. I'm tired of bring suffocated under a lace wig.”

-T. S

My hair would put in a request that I release her, since I’m currently wearing braids. C.S.

“Give me a break. I’m tired. My hair line needs a rest, so let it sleep and don’t wake me up.” 


My hair would say “Yes goodie! I’m healthy and strong!”

-Z. C

“Stop cutting me, it hurts,” is what my hair would say to me. -N. D.