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Why did she cheat?

Published:Wednesday | April 5, 2017 | 3:35 PM

When we hear the word "cheating", the automatic assumption is that it was done by a man. But there are a few sneaky women out there who have done their fair share.

But is it really  for fun or a game? Why is it exactly that some women cheat? Lifestyle asked a few women why they cheated.

Oddly that is how I met my husband. When I met him, I was already with someone else. We were not very serious, and my husband and I were really getting interested in each other. I eventually broke it off with the other guy — I did tell him that I had found someone else. I have never looked back since.
-MR 32

Well, the reason why I've cheated is mainly because my boyfriend at the time was probably messing up. I wanted him to look into himself and change not only for me, but for himself, but he didn't, so I pretty much moved on mentally, but still held on emotionally because I didn't want to give up on him. It ended messy and I transitioned from two to none.

-AA 30

Because I wanted to feel something other than hurt. I wanted to feel like I was good enough for a man to want me, as I felt that my 'boo' at the time didn't want me.
-MA 28

There are times when you do not get what you signed up for. I was presented with a beautiful platter, but it was empty, dull and mediocre. Everything that was done before just fell flat when it became a relationship. I was still hopeful. When the other guy came along, I did not plan to cheat. He just was everything my boyfriend wasn’t, and when I needed that listening ear, he was there. So when we moved from bring friends to intimate, it was a shock. I enjoyed it over and over until I just swapped partners. I can’t even say I regretted it.
-VL 35

I've cheated emotionally. He spoke to my heart in a way my current boyfriend wasn't despite me communicating what my love language was. 'We' became best friends and eventually lovers. Why it's cheating? I should only feel that way towards my boyfriend, that attention was shared.
-LL 29