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What Flavour Mom are you?

Published:Friday | May 12, 2017 | 5:01 PMKrysta Anderson
Darien Robertson/Freelance Photographer Teeah Anderson rocking her baby bump in this denim number.
Darien Robertson/Freelance Photographer Danielle Hamilton, owner of Space Beat, who provided a Florever Box to one lucky Mommy, shares the spotlight with her fiancé Carlton Bolton
Darien Robertson/Freelance Photographer Dr Karen Phillips (left) and Norma Williams pause the Mommy festivities for a photo op.
Darien Robertson/Freelance Photographer The beautiful Lauren Ten with her prize for the night.

When you think of flavour, Mothers would probably be the last thing that comes to mind. But last Tuesday night, in honouring Mother's Day, J Wray and Nephew treated specially invited Moms to a taste of their flavour of choice, courtesy of Sangster's Rum Cream.

Mothers were greeted @twentythree on Dominica drive, by labelled stickers boasting the type of mom they are. From there, they wrote on their first names and proceeded to the bar where they were given their signature flavour.

So for the fashionista moms, they served the rum and raisin rum cream: sexy moms seductively sipped on the chocolate flavour; bohemian mom indulged in the coconut flavour; classic chic represented with the original rum cream; artistic moms dabbled with the banana flavour; while the career driven mom got an intoxicating buzz from the blue mountain coffee flavour. They all, of course, took the opportunity to try other flavours to sweeten their palate with the liquored variety.

The formal proceedings took the form of a conversation among the women. Hosts B3 Magazine's Michelle Gordon, presented a heartwarming video of mothers talking about their role and graded themselves with feedback from their children. Both Gordon and Blogger Melanie Schwapp spoke of their experiences and the event became interactive as the mothers discussed the struggles and joys of motherhood. The conversation ranged from the village it takes to raise a child, balancing being a mother and a woman, and taking time out for you. It even touched on mothers tapping into their sensual side. The conversation was raw and honest punctuated withlaughters as the mothers shared their stories in a safe space. It was a great release for these women to come together and celebrate motherhood.