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The ‘Wong’ Factor | Tiffany Wong wins Get Moving Challenge

Published:Wednesday | May 17, 2017 | 4:23 PM
Ten Thousand steps in a day was once a challenge for Wong, but in four weeks she was able to amassed 473,056 steps.
Having won the challenge Wong says she feel accomplished.

The curtain came down on the Jamaica Moves ‘Get Moving Challenge’ on Sunday, May 7, and the dominant girl power from week three of the challenge continued into the final week.

Continental Baking Company’s Special Projects Manager Tiffany Wong emerging the winner of week four and the overall winner of the challenge with 473,056 steps overall. Digicel Foundation’s Public Relations & Engagement Manager, Krystal Tomlinson placed second with 423,117 steps and Minister of Health, Dr Chris Tufton third with 319, 753 steps.


Wong has been the most consistent challenger since the challenge started on April 10. She placed second in week one and third for weeks two and three. After Workweek Hustle ended on Friday evening (May 5), Wong had amassed 107,370 in front of Tomlinson with 96,191 steps and  Tufton’s 63,805 steps. Wong didn’t slow down. When the Weekend Warrior challenge ended on Sunday (May 7), she had amassed an additional 96,005 steps to her tally.

“I feel accomplished! I am not competitive but I was determined to prove to myself that I can complete the challenge even though I didn't think I would win. There were some days that I had to dig deep to get to my step goal and go beyond because of the competition. But I have no regrets about the changes I have made over the past four weeks and I plan to maintain this exercise routine as a lifestyle,” Wong noted.

10,000 steps

Before this however, Wong said she found the challenge intimidating because it required each participant to commit to taking 10,000 documented steps per day.

“Ten Thousand steps sounded like a lot — almost impossible as I had no concept of how many steps were a reasonable amount to make per day. I had no idea what it would take but that is what made the activity even more worthwhile.” It was even harder for her because she didn’t consider herself an active person.

The challenge was not based on only gaining steps each week to win a weekly challenge but it pushed her to take a holistic approach to her overall health and well-being. The challenge, she said has definitely made her more aware of the need to stay active and she plans to continue making the minimum of 10,000 steps per day.


For Wong, the most rewarding part of the journey was the support she received. “Family, friends and even strangers were so supportive of my participation in this challenge, and I have seen where persons have started to 'get moving' too.”

Having completed this four-week journey, Wong’s message to Jamaicans who wish to start today is one that requires self-evaluation and starting with the ‘man in the mirror’.

“Life is about balance, but you have to want to make changes for yourself — no one can want it for you. If I can be an agent of change to help raise awareness about NCDs and how 30 minutes of exercise each day can reduce your risk, I think my mission is accomplished,” Wong said.

In June the challenge will be expanded and will be centred around corporate companies and their employees taking a healthier approach to living. Corporate companies can sign up for the challenge by visiting the Jamaica Moves website or call 297-MOVE (6683).