Thu | Dec 3, 2020

5 reasons to Journal

Published:Thursday | July 6, 2017 | 1:53 PM

With the increasing popularity of 'self-care' strategies, the Internet is packed with tips from wellness experts encouraging journaling. From food logs to schedules of daily routines, journaling has found its way into our collective routine. Here are five things to remember:
1. Plan. Journaling does not have to be clinical. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. However, you can use it to plan. You don't necessarily need to produce a daily schedule but you could use it as a vision book instead of a vision board.

2. It keeps you accountable. Food, fitness and lifestyle journals keep you accountable, not just of plans you've made, but your actions. The thing about writing plans down is that the words stare back at you, prodding you to stay on track.  

3. It clears your brain. Think of that rough day at work or school. Your spouse might be out, your best friend might be asleep. Grab that journal and let it all out. With each written word you may feel the burdens falling away.

4. Think gratitude. Sometimes to help motivate ourselves we develop a gratitude journal. Write things down that you are thankful for even on the bad days. This often leads to more positive feelings. 

5. Creative writing. Some journal through poetry and this improves your creative writing skills. It can also improve overall writing skills over time. So, write on!