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Summer Essentials for Women

Published:Tuesday | July 11, 2017 | 1:51 PMKrysta Anderson
So many hot styles to choose from you can dress your eyes anyway you like.
Beach essentials- don't forget that hat.
This is what summer is all about-hot swimwear. Take your pick with any of these Imani from KimJay Swimwear.

This may very well be one of the hottest summer our island has ever seen. With that in mind, if you haven’t visited a pristine pool, refreshing river or beautiful beach as yet, what are you waiting for? With summer in full swing, you are missing out on all the sensational splashes of the season. In case you haven’t lived on the aquatic side of life just yet, here are a few summer essentials for women.


What’s summer without swimwear? Bare it all in the daylight in a swimsuit suitable for your body type. Whether conservative or downright flirty, snag yourself the right one and have fun in the sun!

Wrap or cover up

Tap into your inner fashionista with a cover up or add some extra style with a short or long beach dress boasting colours reflecting your tropical oasis. Not a big fan of dresses? Then keep it light and breezy by trying a wrap to complement your swimsuit. 


Shade your eyes from harmful rays of the sun with a pair of UV protected sunglasses, and keep up with the trends of fashion at the same time. From aviators to cat eyes, the choices are endless.

Sunscreen — sunblock
Water and sun are fun, but we have to indulge in these responsibly. Protect your skin by lathering up with sunscreen or sunblock for some protection before hitting those cool waters.

Aqua Accessories
These include your beach bag, which may be filled with other items like your water friendly sandals, your towel, your hat or a book when you’re looking to bask in the cool breeze. It might also include a change of clothes  

Added Bonus: Camera 
With selfie game winning in every spectrum of social life, why not capture the epic moments with your phone? Those memories are priceless- but keep your device away from the water.