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Types of friends to avoid

Published:Thursday | July 20, 2017 | 4:37 PM


Friendships are a beautiful thing. But how do we choose who we let into our circle of friends? As we construct our circle, we need to consider, who will challenge us? Who will push us when we feel like we can't go on? The circle can be as small as two persons, or as large as you want. But you have to choose wisely.

Some 'friends' can also be toxic. Here are five kind of 'friends' you should avoid, or get rid of if you already have them. 

The 'I Want' — You know the ones who only call you when they want something? They never surprise you by just calling to check in. They are always asking for favours. Those friends are not genuine.

The 'Ungrateful' — There are those who try to make you feel guilty if you say no or if you do something wrong. You could hand them the shirt off your back and they would say maybe you could have given them your shorts, too. 

The 'Bitter' — There are those friends who are just angry all the time. They cannot even be happy for you when you need them to be. The glass is always half empty for them. Nothing is wrong with having doubts from time to time, but something is wrong with never being happy. 

The 'Complainer' — We all have that one friend who complains that it doesn't rain, and when it does they complain about that too. You are neither motivated or happy around them. You actually feel drained and depressed after talking with them. They suck the life out of everything.

The 'Gossip' — You know that friend who knows everything about everybody? If they are your friend they probably know everything about you as well, and sharing it with others. Someone who is willing to relay information about others is not confidential. They have the tendency to catch you off guard, leading you from a general conversation and then tying it to someone else. For example, you tell your friend how you love cats and she joins in, 'I love cats, too. Jenny has a fluffy, cute one. It is so sweet. It's a pity it doesn't smell like Jenny bathes her. Can you imagine having a smelly cat in you house? What else is she not cleaning? ’Just be careful of the gossip.