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Chocolate love ... what's your favourite

Published:Wednesday | August 2, 2017 | 3:42 PMKrysta Anderson
There is always something get inside every bite of chocolate.
Chocolate cake

It has been said, “Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.” So, we ask a few chocolate lovers to tap into their sweet tooth and tell us what is their favourite chocolate and why. This is what they had to say:

I love dark chocolate in all it's glory! Particularly Hershey’s dark chocolate. It's rich, pure and great for your heart. It cheers me up on bad days and makes the good days so much better.

-R. B., female.

Ferrero Rocher — Rafaello flavour is my favourite — from the sleek wrapper to the presentation of the products. I love the way the flavours mix and the way the tropical flavour of the coconut blends with the chocolate sweetness! When it comes to the regular Ferroro Rocher — the hazel nut makes me feel sexy with just one bite. And because its expensive, I know I better enjoy every moment! 

— A.L., female.

White chocolate is my favourite. It's just perfect. It is not too sweet, and it’s ideal for baking and colouring — it melts so nicely.

-M. A., female. 

I don't think I have one specific favourite, but if I were to choose, I’d have to go with Snickers — I like the nuts to caramel ratio of the bar.

-L. M., female

My favourite chocolate is from Belgium — the Manon white chocolates stuffed with hazelnut praline. I couldn't forget the name even if I tried — one of the must have from the Leonidas Chocolate brand in Antwerp Belgium.

It taste like your birthday — just happy and eventful. If we were to talk about over the counter chocolate brand, for me, it would be Toblerone, the fruit and nut one, because it’s just nice.

-D. R., male

I like chocolate. My favourite is Milk Chocolate, and I love chocolate with nuts in it, like Crunch and Snickers. I just love how chocolate taste. Although, too much chocolate gives me a serious headache.

-L.H., male

Snickers is my fave. It's just that thing that taste awesome!

-D. M., female

Milk is my favourite because dark is too bitter, and white is too sweet. I went to Hershey park in Pennsylvania and saw how they make the chocolate and it made me a real appreciation for it — so I guess subconsciously I savour every moment I get to have it. But in terms of brand, I'm bias to Hershey and Cadbury and I like Bounty cause the coconut inside is pretty cool.

-S. C., female

My favourite chocolate is Bounty, because it’s different with the coconut in it and I love chocolate with coconut. C.F., female.

I like dark chocolate because of the richness. Cadbury or Charles Chocolate are my faves.

-D. F., female.