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5 dating mistakes

Published:Tuesday | August 8, 2017 | 1:41 PM

A new relationship always puts you on a high. Sometimes you wish that feeling would lasts forever.

However, if we are truly honest with ourselves, a new relationship is also a bit stressful — trying to figure out what the other person is feeling; what they want to do, or what they should be saying or feeling and at what time. Sometimes we work ourselves up into  such a state that we cut the honeymoon period of the dating experience short. 

Here are a few common dating and new relationship mistakes we often make.

1. Going too fast: we have to accept that the beginning of the relationship is usually at cruising altitude, so don't be too quick to plan your future on the first date just because it went well.  

2. Timing: Do not put your new relationship on a schedule. This puts reigns on your relationship if you begin planning it out like a romance novel-that's not realistic. You run the risk of planning what should happen instead of enjoying the moment. Let is flow. 

3. I love you: Saying "I love you" should not be an obligation. It should be something that is said willingly not imposed by any one party.

4. Sex: Sometimes we rush into this too quickly. It is something that individuals enjoy, but instead of helping the relationship, there are instances in which it complicates things — moving the relationship faster than it should. Many commit because they feel obligated after having sex. Wait a bit and get to know the person - see if this is really what you want.   

5. Measuring it: Stop measuring your relationship against others. Your relationship is completely different. Different people, different relationships. The more you measure it, the more likely you are to fail. A relationship is not a house, you cannot follow a blueprint. Let it flow.