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5 Tips for coping with the Summer Heat

Published:Wednesday | August 9, 2017 | 4:00 PM

With the summer heat in full effect, it is important that we try to reduce our exposure to the sun.

The Ministry of Health has issued an advisory with precautionary measures to reduce heat related illnesses — the most common of which are: exhaustion, heat rash, heat cramps, and the most severe - heat stroke.
Signs associated with a heat stroke include a very high body temperature (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit), hot and dry skin, a throbbing headache and dizziness. Medical assistance should be sought if you or a loved one exhibit these signs, while trying to find ways to cool down the individual such as: sponging with cold water, wrapping the person in a wet, cold sheet and vigorous fanning.
Chief Medical Officer, Dr Winston De La Haye, notes that there are some persons who are at greater risks of bring affected by heat. This includes: infants and children under the age of four, older persons who are overweight, those with medical conditions and the elderly.
Five ways to prevent heat related illnesses.

-Drinking more fluids, particularly those that are not sweet and do not contain alcohol.

-Drinking more water before, during and after vigorous activities

-Drinking more water if one is exposed to heat for long periods.

-Limiting as much as possible outdoor activities.

-Wearing lightweight, light coloured, loose fitting clothes.