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Noth­ing Wrong with a lit­tle Bump and Grind

Published:Wednesday | August 9, 2017 | 5:47 PM

Have you ever seen the picture of a man running away from his pregnant wife screaming, 'I poked the baby'? That is good for laughs but the truth is, sex during pregnancy is no joke. It can lead to an exploration of your flexibility while heightening your pleasures.

Hillary Evelyn-Birch is six months'

pregnant, and with her growing bump

comes an increase in her sex drive and a more intense orgasm.

With the growth of her stomach, physical comfort is of major importance during intercourse. However, Evelyn-Birch has learnt the art of cushioning and so her

pillow has become her best friend. She explained that while on her back, she places the pillow under her buttocks for comfort and leverage, and if she goes on her knees, she places it under her stomach to prevent it from rubbing on different


Her husband has not skipped a beat and

she jokes that he might be loving her being

pregnant even more than she does. She

added that they read together and prepared

themselves on what to expect, but what really worked for her is how her husband makes

her feel.

"He also makes me feel really sexy, even when I do not think I am, he compliments me and rubs me more than ever. The c

onstant reassurance helps to heighten the experience for me," she told Flair.

Evelyn-Birch admits that she heard a few old wives' tales but none that she really paid attention to.


1 The lowering of the libido: This is one that Evelyn-Birch even debunked herself as she experiences more of an increase in her current (second) trimester.

2 Sex can hurt the baby: This is not something that is common. You would have to be having a complicated pregnancy, a weakened cervix, among other problems, for this to ever be an issue, and your OB/GYN would advise you. Otherwise, you are good to go have some have fun. Of course, not all positions are going to be on the table but you can also speak to your OB/GYN about those too.

3 You should be having sex by six weeks post-partum: This is hardly the case. This is the minimum time that a woman takes to heal. Quite a few take longer. It is a possibility, but not a must, and not a high one either.

4 The first time you do it will hurt: While nothing is wrong with being extra careful and it is recommended, painful sex after pregnancy is not a trend among women. Easing your way back into it is fine but do not worry too much, expect more pleasure than pain.