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5 Must Do for Parents before August ends

Published:Wednesday | August 23, 2017 | 1:31 PM
Get children in the habit of hitting the books to make the transition seemless as they resume school
Its' important that they resume their sleep pattern to be up bright and early September morning.

Summer is almost at an end, and for parents, its time to get the children back on the ball and ready for the new school year.

There are certain routines that parents and children need to start now, to get back on track to have a smooth September morning.

Here are a few things that you should be doing as the month comes to an end.

One last Horrah: End summer with a bang for the little ones with one last get away or take them to their favourite place if you have not already done so - just to help boost their spirits for the upcoming term. 

Sleep routine: If they have been out of their usual sleep pattern during the summer, its time to start getting them into a routine to get ready for back to school.  You should also do the same, by getting up early to be better able to navigate the first week of school drop offs.  

Purchase books: You should have completed your back to school shopping by now, getting everything on their book list. Do not get caught up in the last-minute purchases and run the risk of books being out of stock. Get them early- in fact purchase their uniforms too. 

Have them reading: Get them into a routine of reading before school starts to get them in the frame of mind.

Encourage them: It might seem simple and for some taken for granted. But children do face a lot in the school environment with peer pressure, and the burden of finding their own identity. They are sometimes even filled with self doubt especially if they did not do well at the end of the last school term. Give them a few words of encouragement to make them feel more confident for that first day back.