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The Collection MoDA and WISYNCO in beach clean up

Published:Friday | October 6, 2017 | 11:56 AM
Garfene Grandison and Kerry-Ann Clarke stop for a selfie in front of the Collection MoDA's mural on Windward Road.-Contributed
We are here to pick up but first lets take a selfie. Dramatist and Model Stephanie Lawrence takes the obligatory selfie.- Contributed
The WISCYNCO Eco Troopers wrap up the day.-Contributed
Tara Bradshaw proves that a little rain cannot stop a MoDA Makers. -Contributed
Ariane Williams gets down and dirty for the environment as she picks up trash along Palisadoes.

Sprite and WISYNCO partnered with The Collection MoDA last Saturday, for the Sprite RFRSH N’ Recycle Beach Clean Up on the Palisadoes strip.

The highly anticipated fashion show, led by founder Kerry-Ann Clarke,
brought out local models and fashionistas to support the cause, including Yendi Phillipps, Stephanie Lawrence and Melanie Schwapp.

WISYNCO’s ECO initiative promotes the importance of recycling, and the need for increased environmental awareness and activism. Through the brand Sprite, WISYNCO was able to get involved with The Collection MoDA as Clarke seeks to make the event more than just a fashion show.

The project is a part of a series of environmental projects The Collection MoDA has invested in this year, including the adoption of the JUTC wall on Windward Road and the creation of a mural by some of The Collection MoDA artists.