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Wok N’ Roll makes its Debut

Published:Thursday | November 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Sauté chicken strip, sweet pepper onion, chinese soy garlic sauce
Crab stick, mayo, black caviar, avocado.

Wok N' Roll has decided to make its grand 'Debut' for this Restaurant Week and it's going to be nothing short of epic!

A new addition to the Debut team, Debut Wok N' Roll opened its doors just last month, hoping to take you on a new and exciting journey. Restaurant owner Vijay Singh explained to Food that because Debut Brick Oven Pizzeria did incredibly well last year, they 'wok n' rolled', adding their new restaurant into this amazing gastronomical phenomenon.

Debut Wok N' Roll is a pan-Asian restaurant which offers a wide array of sushi and exotic Asian cuisine. "Wok highlights the style of cooking while Roll represent their varieties of sushi," he said. They also specialise in Thai curries, tempuras and banana spring rolls.

They recreate dishes with a unique blend of local and international cuisines, leaving all diners with memories to last a lifetime. Each item displayed on their menus are made using the freshest ingredients available from local farmers.

They promise to deliver an unravelling culinary experience with imaginative dishes all beautifully presented with fantastic taste in a trendy and delightful atmosphere, so Wok N' Roll your way over to Montego Bay for this highly anticipated Restaurant Week Debut.


Wok N' Roll

1-3 Gloucester Avenue,

14 Bay Harbour Plaza Shops

Tel: 971-6566