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Luxe Winning for Xaymaca 2018

Published:Tuesday | November 14, 2017 | 6:07 PMKrysta Anderson
Takiya Browne serves up several doses of fierceness in this photo.-Shorn Hector
A festive fashion party of two rompers sandwiching a jumpsuit, brought to you by friends (from left) Blair Whittingham, Arielle Goubault and Natalie Rowlands.
Takiya Browne serves up several doses of fierceness in this photo.
Fashion designer James Black (left) and Gabrielle David aren't afraid to set their own trends.

When ‘wuk up’ fantasy means luxury, excitement erupts in its wake. That was the tone set by Xaymaca International last Saturday night as they unleashed their beautiful band line entitled, ‘Luxe’.

Advertising that launch goes on rain or stars, the organisers put plans in place at Barbican Beach and had things fully covered. The sky smiled after shedding a few tears, projecting a dark and lovely night.

The cooler allowed fete created quite the stir with the sounds of soca, making the big costume reveal the perfect icing on the carnival cake. The 13 section lines of Star Dust, Luxor, Orphic, Parisian Rose, Emerald Lush, Iridescence, Majesty, Red Beryl, St Tropez, Indulgence, Denim Diamond, Onyx and Stone Gold paraded on the stage for all socaphiles to see and admire.

Being the first ones out the gyrating gates, it’s safe to say that Luxe is winning for Xaymaca International 2018.