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Miss Universe Jamaica inspires ‘Afro Friday’

Published:Wednesday | November 29, 2017 | 5:19 PM
Jamaica's Davina Bennett, second runner up to Miss Universe 2017 poses with a replica of the Jamaican flag on arrival at the Norman Manley Airport on Tuesday - Lionel Rookwood photo

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

For some time, bloggers and social media users have sought to promote the Afro hairstyle as truly cultural, and this Friday they will be at it again to celebrate Jamaica’s Davina Bennett who, on Sunday finished third in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant wearing ‘the fro’.

Over the years, ‘the fro’ has evolved to capture different styles and appearances.

Here are five options you may consider if you decide to sport 'the fro' this Friday to celebrate Bennett:

1. The traditional ‘fro’ - Just grab a good moisturiser and your hairpick or soul comb. Moisturise properly to protect your ends from getting too dry, pick with your soul comb for length and pat a little for a perfect shape. (For short to medium length hair)

2. Wash and Go - for this you will need to deep condition and get a fabulous gel, mousse or curling custard. On wet hair, evenly run the gel or hair curling remedy of choice to hold your curls in place. Let air dry, the shrinkage will be severe. (Best for any length of natural hair)

3. Twist outs - If you want a ‘fro’ that is defined, then a twist out is one option. Twist and when dry, untwist. If your hair allows, you can separate the curls for more volumes and use a soul comb to shake up the roots. (Best for medium to long hair)

4. Bantu knot outs - grab your favourite curling smoothie and do a chiney bump or bantu knots. If you do not have the skill then you can cheat your way out of it with a perm or flexi rod. Remember to twine hair (not twist) for smooth spirals. And guess what transitioners? This is something that you can try too, only you might be limited to the rods.

5. Braid outs - it gives the same effect as a twistout, however, it is quicker and easier to do and is better for naturalistas who has recently ‘big-chopped’.

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