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A mother's greatest fear

Published:Friday | May 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Parenthood is no joke, and for mothers, just the idea of being a mother can put them in a slight frenzy.

Flair asked a few mothers what was their greatest scare as a mother. Here are there responses:

- I'll say when he was two and he was jumping on the bed and he fell and bumped his head on the foot of the bed. There was a gash above his right eye. Anyway, it was bleeding a lot and I thought for sure that he had injured his eye and was gonna have vision problems, especially in the days following the accident when it was swollen, but thank God all is well.


Zauditu Scarlett, mother of one



- Receiving that one phone call that something went terribly wrong and your child has passed.


Terry-Ann Douglas, mother of one


- The day after I gave birth to my second child she started turning blue and gasping. That was tough.


Tamia Carey, mother of two



- People taking set on my child and I want to knock them out and cannot. Especially because I cannot and should not abuse other people's children.


Sharmaine Ricketts, mother of one



My biggest scare is sending her off to school and fearing that someone might hurt her or come in contact with a strange person. Even the fact that she might be playing and falls or break a limb scares me.


Denise McDonald, mother of one



- Ok, I was driving. One baby in car seat, other child buckled in, and I was going around the corner and saw the rear door swing open. I looked behind me and realised the child nearest to the door was now at the opposite side if the car with the baby in the car seat. That was when I learnt the importance of child's lock.


Carlene Brown, mother of two



- While teething, he wasn't drinking much, and he got dehydrated. Saw blood in his diaper, you knew who started 'bawling'. But after taking him to the doctor, it turned out that it wasn't blood, but was a result of dehydration. Don't remember the medical term. But he is well.


Kimberlyn Dennis, mother of one


- I think to provide for him. I know I have done my best. But I wish I could have enough money to do better for him. I actually wished I had chosen better so he could have an actual father so as to have a bond and not feel like he's lacking.


Monique Williams, mother of one



- Once my baby had a very high fever, and while rushing her to the doctor she became unresponsive and started shaking. I lost it, forgot I was driving, run off the road with my eyes closed screaming JESUS. She immediately stopped shaking, eyes rolled back and I got her to the doctor where she was able to get treatment. But God did the work before I got there.


Janet Rankine, mother of one



- Definitely taking them to school. I cried on both occasions, my children Samuel and Joel were home until age two. I was fearful of them getting sick, using the potty, feeding themselves and no mommy to help.


Anieka Lawrence, mother of two



- Getting a call from my older son's preschool when he was four years old, hearing them say, "I am calling about Jai. He was in an accident." There was then a long pause from the girl on the other end and the call got disconnected. Swore he was seriously injured or even dead. The phone rings again and was advised by the school he fell and hit underneath his eye. I ended up fainting and outside of having to take him to the doctor, I also ended up at the doctor and having to do an ECG.


Jillian Chin, mother of two