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Safety at Red Stripe

Published:Monday | July 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
At the bottling lines at the Red Stripe Brewery, Spanish Town Road, more than 66,000 bottles of Heineken are filled per hour.

Red Stripe takes seriously the safety of every employee and visitor entering. This was reinforced by the numerous signs and symbols with safety instructions, placed at specific locations visible for all to see on the property.

It was mandatory for all persons on the compound to wear the appropriate safety gear in order to avoid any form of injury. Bright orange reflective clothing is worn to help alert persons to dangerous work zones or cautionary areas. The property also has specific crossing and appropriated walking areas for all persons' use at all times. Safety equipment provided includes shoes and shoe clamps. Shoe-shaped, they cover the toes with a band to secure the iron-like material on to the feet.

Hairnets and protective goggles are provided to safeguard individuals from material that may be harmful to the eyes. Innovation manager and Heineken brewer Vayden Harvey told The Gleaner that the company provides eye and ear exams to ensure that their employees are not harmed because of the nature of their job.