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10 Important Pieces of Legislation

Published:Wednesday | August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

1. Status of Children Act 1976 An act to remove the legal disabilities of children born out of wedlock.

2. Maternity Leave Act 1979 An act to provide female workers the right to
be granted maternity leave by their employers, and to be paid maternity
pay in some cases, and for matters incidental to or connected with these

3. Sexual Offences Act 2009An act to repeal the Incest (Punishment) Act and
certain provisions of the Offences Against the Person Act; to make new
provision for the prosecution of rape and other sexual offences; to
provide for the establishment of a Sex Offender Registry ; and other
connected matters.

4. Child Pornography (Prevention) Act 2009An act to prohibit the
production, distribution, importation, exportation, or possession of
child pornography and the use of children for child pornography, and to
provide for connected matters.

5. Employment (Termination and Redundancy Act) 1974 An act to repeal the Masters and Servants Law, to provide for the notice required to be given for the termination of contracts of employment, for the right of certain employees to certain facilities for returning to their homes on the termination of their contracts of employment, for the making by employers of payments to employees dismissed by reason of redundancy, and for purposes incidental to or connected with the matters aforesaid.

6. Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedom 2011 An act to amend the
Constitution of Jamaica to provide for a Charter of Fundamental Rights
and Freedoms and for connected matters.

7. CHILD CARE AND PROTECTION ACT 2004 An act to provide for the care and
protection of children and young persons and for connected matters.

8. Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act 1975 An act to provide for the regulation of relations between employers and workers, to establish an industrial disputes tribunal for the settlement of industrial disputes, to provide for boards of inquiry to inquire into industrial disputes and matters connected with labour relations or economic conditions, and for purposes incidental to or consequential on the foregoing.

9. Trafficking in Persons (Preventions, Suppression and Punishment) Act 1971 An act to make provision for giving effect to the protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children, and for matters connected therewith.

10. The National Housing Trust Act 1979An act to repeal part VII of the National Insurance Act, and to make new provisions in respect of National Housing Trust contributions and related matters, and for purposes incidental to or consequential on the foregoing.