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COMING TUESDAY: If I see one more little girl wining...

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 5:01 PM
Aarons... A nine-year-old girl wining up her little body is not cute

Gleaner columnist Patria-Kaye Aarons gets cranked up over the growing trend of pelvic gyration by preteen girls.

"A nine-year-old girl wining up her little body is not cute - and it should not be cheered for or celebrated. ... Today, little girls don’t dance. They wine. And it drives me up the wall!"

Aarons, a television presenter and confectioner who joined The Gleaner's team of opinionators in July, is revulsed by the bungee-jumping daggering machines that impale women on the ground and she fears for the future with this generation's oversexed kids.

She writes: "What will the Heineken Star Time of 2064 look like? Will then 60-year-olds be walking like dogs on all fours? Will their geriatric, brittle bones be ‘wining and kotching’? Are the men going to dagger the women's fragile hips out of socket? Thunder roll and bruk mi neck now if a suh!"

Read Patria-Kaye's intriguing column in the opinion section of Tuesday's Gleaner.

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