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Terrific Tafari of Calabar

Published:Tuesday | August 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Tafari Williams of Calabar High School.

Gary Spaulding, Gleaner Writer

CALABAR HIGH School's valedictorian, Tafari Williams appeared to have craved a little bit more challenge than the nine subjects he sat in the 2014 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, which would have been more than a test for an average scholar his age.

At fifth form, Tafari dared to try his hand and his brain - at a single subject in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations, a challenge for many sixth- form students, for whom it was designed.

Living out his school's motto, 'The Utmost for The Highest', the 17-year-old sat sociology and came away with a distinction.

If that were enough, Tafari copped ones in all nine subjects that he sat at the CSEC level with straight 'A' profiles in Spanish; French; information technology; principles of business; principles of accounts; office administration; mathematics; English language and social studies.

In spite of his frenetic academic activities, Tafari is an active member of the Tourism Action Club, Modern Language Club, Interaction Club and the Schools' Challenge Quiz team.

There are indications that he is a natural leader as well. Tafari is environmental monitor, students' council representative and a prefect at Calabar.

Tafari revealed that while he is elated with his latest successes, his attention is now squarely focused on greater things.

"I know that I have put in the hard work. I represent a lot of persons at Calabar on a whole because we have all put in much hard work and dedication," he told The Gleaner.

Added Tafari: "Sometimes the (study) group in which I am in, camps out at school and assist each other. There, we would study from 7:45 a.m. to 2 a.m. (more than 20 hours) the following day."

He stressed that his accomplishments are not of his own doing, but that of family members and others. "It's not only me, but the work done by my stakeholders, because we have all contributed to acquire this success," he said.

Tafari singled out his mother Mitzie Williams and father - well-known entertainer, Reggie Stepper, as positive influences in his life.

"He also had high praises for his teachers, supervisors, principal and vice-principals. Not surprisingly, Tafari plans to spend two more years at Calabar to complete his sixth- form education.

If all goes well, he plans to enter university.