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Sagicor CFO urges ambitious youth to continue studies

Published:Wednesday | August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Harrington Moncrieffe

WATCH OUT Ivan Carter, chief financial officer (CFO) at Sagicor, an ambitious 16-year-old lad is eyeing your job!

However, Carter was quick to impart a few words of advice to Ardenne High School student, Harrington Claude Moncrieffe, after the young scholar revealed that he has harboured ambitions of working in that post in the future.

"My dream is to become the chief financial officer of Sagicor," said Harrington, who copped eight ones in the 2014 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations - mathematics; English Language and Literature; social studies; history; principles of accounts and human and social biology with five straight A profiles.

Asked how his sights came to be set on the insurance, investment and banking conglomerate, Harrington declared: "Sagicor is a big company that has done a lot for Jamaica."

High aspiration

Carter seemed impressed with Harrington's outlook. "It pleases me tremendously for a young man to have such high aspiration to be the CFO of one of Jamaica's and indeed the Caribbean's largest financial service," he said.

Added Carter: "It is a dream that can be achieved, but it going to require a lot from the young man as he needs to complete his studies."

Carter explained that the role of a CFO is multidisciplined in nature. Guided by Carter's pronouncements, Harrington's dream captures, among other things, crafting company business models and actively participating in the day-to-day decision-making functions.

He was quick to stress that Harrington must do something that the youth has been doing for a significant portion of his life - continue to study hard.

Harrington seems to be on the same wavelength as Carter. He expressed a desire to spend the next two years at Ardenne High School's sixth form doing business subjects.

"I want to earn my ACCA at the same time I am in sixth form, after which I hope to pursue my a degree in business at the University of Technology."

Harrington is also banking on a scholarship to Harvard to obtain his master of business administration and doctor of business administration degrees.

Carter also encouraged Harrington to spend time in studying the industry in which the former is operating. "You have to be prepared to be meticulous and work very hard, as much will land at your desk," he said.

Harrington said he owed much of his successes at this stage of his life to his mother Yvonne Morgan, and sister, Chanta Nesbitt - his driving forces - as well as his father, Adolph Moncrieffe.